Dear Susan,

We made it home with our girl. She rode like a pro, no car sickness or accidents. We have renamed her and she already knows her name. She is now Lady Shylee. She is just perfect for us. She is already house broke, not one accident. She goes out and does her business just like the rest our gang. Our other dogs welcomed her as though they knew she belonged. I can't thank you enough for choosing us to adopt her. She sleeps on the bed with us between my pillow and my husbands pillow. My grandsons just love her too. When they come over she follows them where ever they go. You just have the most wonderful colony of dogs. I will keep you up to date on how she is doing.


Susan and Bill

We are the proud owners of Josie, one of the red and Whites from Lucy and Sudds. She has been with us two weeks now and is keeping us very busy. She was such a baby still when we picked her up but she has come into her own personality now and we are having a blast. The first couple of days she cried a lot for you and her siblings. We held her a lot and ended up letting her sleep with us on the couch for a few days . She is already doing so well with the potty training, only a couple accidents the second week. She is already telling us when she needs to go out. After several days we taught her go up the stairs and a couple days later she learned how to go down but she cried all the way down. She stays right with us all the time. She is already sitting for us and rolling over , she is a very quick learner. She is going to the vet for her 2nd visit tomorrow and I think she has grown a lot . We ordered the Life`s Abundance and she loves it . I give her ¼ cup in the am and ¼ cup in the evening. I make her homemade treats from Powered milk, wheat germ and baby food and she gets a few because we are teaching her with them. Thanks you so much for breeding such awesome pets. We are totally in love! Our experience with you from the very beginning has been so wonderful. You let us bond with her at a young sweet age and sending the pictures was going above and beyond. I have told many about you and showed them your web site.

hope our girl last for a long time but be sure if we need another someday we will be looking to you again.

Mark has some pictures he is going to e-mail you but I had some time today at work and wanted to let you know how great she is doing and how thrilled we are with you.

Thanks again

Mark and Janine Demmon

Good morning Bill and Susan. We made it home at about 11:30 (our time). We stopped once and he did not know what to do on the grass so we went the rest of the way without stopping. At home he peed and pooped in the house (once on paper) but this morning he went outside twice and not in the house at all. We crated him next to our bed and he slept through until I woke up. When I got out of bed he made the first sounds that we heard out of him....whinning. I took him outside and he did a fine job. He is eating and drinking like a champ and right now he is sleeping in his crate with the door open. We have him confined to the kitchen dining area which is tiled. Last night we played for about an hour before bed and Terry was laughing like I have never seen him laugh before. Little Dude will surely help him to move on to a new love. Thank you so much for raising such wonderful dogs. We will keep you informed of his Vet visit and progress.

Pat Behling

Just thought I would let you know Groucho and Buckwheat are doing fine. They are the best of pals and have a favorite King Charles Cavalier as their best buddy.

Yesterday we entered them in our clubs dog show and Groucho won best of the medium size dogs!!

He is a beautiful dog as is Buckwheat too. We are so crazy about the two of them. I hope all is well and we continue to check out your site for all your pups. I wish I could have a dozen of your puppies.

thank you...

debbie and gerry gagliardi


I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you again for our beautiful puppies! Rex (the crazy one) and Rio (your original pick for us) are doing great and a got a big thumbs up today from our vet! They are adjusting well and get along great. Although Rex is crazy, he is a total teddy bear once you break thru his tough boy act! Rio is sweet and starting to figure out he is bigger than Rex and is holding his own against his wrestling partner. Only 3 nights in, but they crate well together and have slept thru the night without any crying. The kids adore them and my husband and I are so happy we bought both of them!! Thank you again, and we will send pics soon.

Thank you, Angie Trentadue

Hi Susan!

Just a quick note to let you know that Annie and Lucy are doing very very well. They are the friendliest puppies I have ever ever seen or had! They love each other, me, Dad and everyone else on the planet!! I thank God every day for showing us the way to your web site and finding these precious pups!

I hope to write more later and to send pics. As you would guess they are gorgeous! Lucy (black) has been asked by groomer to show. Annie stops traffic with her white/silver markings!

Love to you and your family,

Evie, Frank, Annie, Lucy Rowley

Dawn Mcbride's Beloved Companions

Sophie, Sasha and Maya

Here are a couple lovely pictures of Sophie and Sasha one with their big sister Maya who they dearly love.

Hi Susan and Bill,

I just wanted to give you an update on Ginger. She is doing WONDERFUL! She has gained about 4 lbs, had her 2nd visit to the groomer and is in her 5th week of obedience class. In obedience class, she has learned to walk on my left, sit, stand and be touched (like a vet would) with strangers, heel, and all sorts of things. She keeps her eyes on me all the time, and is very good in class. Over spring break at the end of the month, I am going to have her teeth cleaned because her breath is quite stinky so she may have a bad tooth. She is the most loyal dog I have ever seen. She follows me all over and is never far away. She does not bother the cats and could care less about them. Her and Brittany are like two peas in a pod. They are never far from each other and lay beside each other, touch noses, they are very cute together. Brittany keeps more active and Ginger learns from Brittany. I have yet to hear Ginger bark. Ginger is very curious about everything. I was talking to a friend, who recommended the obedience class that we are in. She said there is a lady in her advanced class with two of your cockers. One is just from this past fall so it is still a puppy and an older one. I believe the older one is black (my friend said she/he is gorgeous) and the little one is a buff. She goes another night......Meyer, I believe is their name. I was complimented by two ladies the last time I went to class about how pretty Ginger is. There are probably about 25 other people in the class. Only 3-4 are small dogs like Ginger. There are 2 great pyrinese, lots of boxers, labs, goldens, one red healer, and a mixure of others. Ginger has not been aggressive in any way and she sleeps cuddled up to me every night. Usually her and Brit are touching butts!

I hope this gives you more comfort. She seems so happy and curious. Potty training is pretty much taken care of, we only have an occasional accident now. I can ask her if she needs to go potty and she let's me know. I go out with them and she doesn't even need a leash. Although, she still isn't crazy about going potty in the snow but even that is getting better.

Well, that's about all. I did want to know if you'd at least send me a copy of her pedigree so I know her birthdate and her official name--I know Cinnamon was in it. Her scar has healed from being spayed, so we are all good. I sent her vet papers down a while ago so you should have gotten them. Let me know if you did not and I will send another copy. But, she is doing great and is making a super little dog for our family. The vet even commented on what a beautiful dog she is. I love her to death and now can't remember what we did without her around. Soon, we will have the golf cart out and go on boat rides, we will see how that goes, she has gotten car sick a couple of times on us (eww).

Well, I hope all is going well

Eva, Bobby, Brittany, Ginger, Abby and Katie (our girls)

Greetings from the Webbs and Rowdy,

We absolutely adore Rowdy ! He is settling in our home quite nicely . By the first nite, Rowdy was housebroken. He is indeed extremely intelligent. I've been able to teach him several commands which he has picked up quite fast.

We take him for walks with Jack and his German Shepard, Zeus. Rowdy insists on carrying Zeus' leash ....he is so funny ! I can't think you enough for affording me the opportunity of being blessed by Rowdy. He is such a delight !!!

Please, If you have any other dogs who come up for forever homes, please allow us to love another. I believe Rowdy would love to grow old with a companion friend. He's such a friendly little dog, and seems to welcome humans, dogs, and cats into his circle of friends.

Many thanks from Jack, Rowdy, and I, Annie Web

Bill and Susan,

Just thought I would let you know Groucho and Buckwheat are doing fine. They are the best of pals and have a favorite King Charles Cavalier as their best buddy

Yesterday we entered them in our clubs dog show and Groucho won best of the medium size dogs!!

He is a beuatiful dog as is Buckwheat too.We are so crazy about the two of them. I hope all is going well and we continue to check out your site for all your pups. I wish I could hava a dozen of your puppies!

thanks you... debie and gerry garliardi

Hello Susan and Bill,

Hope all is well. Thought you'd want to see a picture of Cupcake and how he's growing :)


Hi Susan and Bill,

I know you both have talked plenty with Sally over the last month about THE puppies. I would just like to express my great appreciation to both of you for giving us the opportunity to share your precious babies with us. They are incredible!! One can't describe the joy they have already brought into our lives. They are so pristene, incredibilty well trained and the cutest of the cutest. Rest assured they are going to get the best of care and have already pretty much assumed control of the household. Sassy and Sammy are "our babies" and the only problem is that they will be spoiled to death. If Sally and I can help you in anyway to make others aware of the incredible job you do in raising your puppies please let us know. These two have far exceeded our wildest expectations!!! ---sam males


Thought you and William might like to see some pictures of Hugin. He such a smart little guy and such a solid addition to our family! We are doing classes at PetSmart and he is soaking it up like a sponge. He and Raven are getting a long almost 100 percent. Raven still has to put him in his place now and then. Thank you so much!

Sonja L Mills Gunsite Academy, Inc.

Our little Hayley is now more than 10 pounds. She is beautiful and wild. Plays, eats, and sleeps. She has been accepted by our other babies very well. There was almost no potty training. She learned so quickly that we didn't have to do much. Are all of her litter gone now? We hope everyone of their families love them as much as we love her.

John, Margee, Beau, Norbert, Bob, and Hayley

Hi Susan,

It has been about a year since we picked up our baby, Lady Darling, one of Cupcake and Jasper’s babies. She is the most adorable, friendly, and well-trained dog we have ever seen. She is an absolute joy and we could not ask for a better addition to our family. We have attached some pictures for you to see. She looks SO much like her mother!

My Husband and I have decided to get Lady a brother or sister. We would not think of going anywhere else but to you. We noticed on your website that you have two expected liters coming up (Toby and Coco's and Toby and Lotta). We have been waiting for you to have chocolate babies ever since we saw the lone chocolate baby when we picked up Lady. We were wondering if we could get on the list, hopefully we are the first, to claim one of these babies. We were hoping, from either litter, you will have chocolate and tan or chocolate and white baby with a blaze on his/her forehead. We think that is absolutely adorable. We are also indifferent on whether it is a male or female.

Please let me know if it is possible to get on the list and if you could send us pictures of the babies when they come for us to see and choose. Also, we were wondering what the cost of the chocolate babies would be and if you would provide some sort of discount/deal considering we are repeat customers and plan on being customers as long as you keep raising such gorgeous babies.

Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Liz Kugler

Susan and Bill, I just wanted to let you both know that Celtic was so worth what turned out to be a 14 hour drive to get her she is already so much more then I expected WE all Love her to death she is such a loving smart gal I will keep you both posted as she continues to grow

Thank You Dan and Brenda Doyle

Sue-I just wanted to give you an update on Princess "Gracie" Cleopatra. She is the cutest, sweetest, most playful little gal - such a joy and pleasure to have around. She has certainly taught Draco who is boss - lol. She also has her "Mommy and Daddy" wrapped around her little paw, that's for sure! I am so happy that I got her instead of the other one that I had wanted. This was just meant to be! I highly recommend anyone looking to but a Cocker to definitely look into CM Cockers! They will not be disappointed!

Hi Susan!

How are things going? You have some beautiful pups!!!

We had a few cute pics of Maggie and us, thought I would pass them along. She is a joy as usual. How is Jayma doing? We hope things are going well with you. We just got married on Saturday, and we are enjoying time at home for a bit. We will go somewhere next year for our honeymoon.

Thanks again!

Brigit Like

Susan and Bill,

Just to let you know Groucho is such a good puppy! We just love him and so does everyone he meets! Attached are a couple of his latest photos. He has the best disposition. He is now 11 pounds and boy does he like to eat!! What sizes were his parents? We are so happy to have him in our lives ...thank you... debbie and gerry and colby too

I hope this finds you warm and dry. We have had a week of learning and joy! Abby is her given name and she is smart, fearless and tenacious. You only have to show her a couple of times. I'm going to jinks myself by typing this, but we haven't had the carpet cleaner out for 2 days.

We put a mirror on the floor because she liked the puppies she found in the stainless kitchen garbage can and mirror in the curio cabinet. I believe her favorite puppy is the one is the bedroom closet mirror :-) She sleeps about 3 hrs before needing a bio break...but has been real good about going back to sleep at bed time. We are grateful the weather has cooperated so nicely. The 1AM temps have not been too bad in my night clothes!

Attached are photo's from the first few days. We had a family get together yesterday and of course, she was delighted with all of the attention. Our son seems to come home just on a whim too. His first comment when he saw her was how tiny she was. But he quickly figured out how to get her fired up and likes to fluff her up just to get her goat - - kids!!!

Bill and Susan:

Thought you'd enjoy a picture

Jon Huisken

Thank You again for such a beautiful pup! Today is his birthday! Also, I received your letter about the new holistic dog food,I appreciate the info! I had Remmington on the Eagle Pac and he refused it, so I buy the Chicken Soup from Morgan Feed and he loves it, he would eat all day long if I let him! Haha .....Remmington is such a great cocker (spunky) and if I could have I would have taken his mother when she was up for a forever home! I will send you pictures when I can!

Thanx, Tonya Benton

Blackberry is doing wonderful!! She was a fantastic traveler all the way home and she loves the other dogs. My vet has already seen her and said she was "perfect"!! I don't have any pictures yet, Ms. Personality is too fast for the camera, just a little black blur. I'll email you some as soon as possible. Everyone, including strangers and the employees at the vet's office tell me she is BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to love one of your puppies, I feel everything worked out for the best, even if it wasn't what we expected, I feel it was just fate.

Sincerely, Tracie

Christmas pictures of adora belle from penny berkebile

Hi Susan and Bill

Wanted to send you a recent pic of Julio, he is such a great addition and definitely timid no more! :)

Staci Cole

Hi Susan

I didn't give you a quick update on Teddy! He is an absolutely wonderful dog, a real "tease" and I love it! What's unique about him is he needs hugs and kisses at bedtime--it's not something I taught him, I'm not sure how it came about! But he doesn't settle down for the night until he comes up in my lap, licks my nose, nibbles on my ear, then gives me a couple of kisses. What a character! I haven't seen him pull the cavaliers down the hallway by their tails in a while, he seems to be outgrowing the really playful puppy behavior :( ! He's my constant companion and a total delight!


Hi Susan!

I thought you might be interested in a photo of the boys and their progress. Buddy is no longer the smallest. He now weighs 22 pounds and Bailey is 20 pounds. They're lots of fun and energetic. They love to chase each other around the yard, ride in the car and eat anything that gets in their way, bugs included. Bailey wanted to chase cars, but I think we have just about got him trained to ignore cars. He gets a treat when he ignores them. They love to take walks with us in the park every morning. They have been to obedience school and actually passed. They are so friendly and want to meet everyone they see. We call Bailey "Wiggly Butt" because his whole rear-end wags when he wags his tail. Buddy's nick name is "Hog," because he swallows his food. Most of the time they are very disciplined. If I tell them to go to bed, they run and get in their crates.


Susan and Bill,

I just wanted to write you a quick e-mail when I have a few free moments about Bentley. He is doing GREAT. He is pretty much already potty-trained, though he has a few accidents in the house, as to be expected for such a young pup. He slept all night in his crate last night, which was great, as he let his mama and dada sleep. ;) He is so well-behaved and loving. You both do a great job breeding and raising these puppies! He's so adorable and just so well-mannered. He is such a welcome and friendly face every day in our lives. :)

I will be sure to send you pictures. Last weekend we took him to meet Shane's parents' dog, Prince (the golden retriever), and they were hilarious together. First, Bentley was afraid of him, and then soon was playing with him and growling at him. They are too cute together.

I hope all is well with you and the new puppies. :)

Tony and Shane

Dear Susan,

I want to let you know how Baby Girl is doing!! She is absolutely fantastic!!! She is such an intelligent little girl! She has already learned which door to go to for her to go out to potty! We love her with all of our hearts! Sadie is growing so! We can't believe how longer and higher she is! She is growing too quickly, but we are thankful to see it!

She loves her routine, and she loves to eat!! We are feeding her three times a day, but dividing the same amount of food into three amounts. She loves to roam her home, but when we can't watch her every move, then we place her into her wire cage with a soft bed in it. She likes to sleep in there.

They're so pleased with her! Has her sister been adopted yet? We would be more than happy to let her everyone know how thrilled that we are with her litter mate! God took care of me, like always. He had Baby Girl born and waiting for me. He knew that Cassie was going to be with Him. I did not.

I thank God for Sadie, and that He gave me such a loving, smart girl! She had big shoes to fill! God knew that, so He sent me Sadie!!! Just any dog would not have done.

I'll send or email you a new pic of her.

Sincerely, Sara Wible

Hi Susan and Bill,

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Fletcher is doing.

He is such as sweet boy. Everyone at our Veteririan's loves him. Housebreaking was no problem at all. He sleeps in his crate at night. During the day he is fine with his toys in our kitchen/dining area while we are at work. He loves our grandchildren and they love him.

We had Fletcher neutered earlier this week. He spent one day taking it a little slower than usual, but now seems to be doing just fine.

He hasn't had any problems with ear infections. He did have an allergic reaction to his first vaccination. The poor little guy puffed up and looked like a Shar Pei. The veterinarian had us give him liquid Benadryl and baby aspirin. His airway was swollen and he squeaked when he breathed for about two hours afterwards. He gets a different vaccine mix now and we premedicate with Benadryl.

Fletcher adds so much joy to our lives.

Thank you for breeding him!

René Houin


It was good to talk to you today. Here is an updated picture of Buckwheat... actually taken in September so she is bigger now. She is a gorgeous dog and has quite the personality. Luckily Groucho is a calming influence on her. We are crazy about the both of them and they are such fun to watch them play. We continue to check out your website. We have had 3 dogs before but not 3 puppies! take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving...

debbie, gerry, groucho and buckwheat!!

Sorry for my late reply with update pictures, but I hope you enjoy these!

Brodi is growing soooo fast, it's unbelievable!! He's such a character - we love him :)

I'm going to get better ones of him and send them soon. For now, here are a few on my computer.

Thank you again and Jamie looks so sweet from the update photos! Can't wait to see her in person again :)

Fondly, Christina

Ps: he loves his bed! = )

Hi Bill,

Just wanted to let you know that eddie has had an amazing week and is really adjusting well. i took him with me to my office every day - it is a quiet space, i can take him out every hour - and he's already being "therapeutic" as a number of people said they felt better already just seeing him. he's got the nighttime thing down well, last night i woke up in the middle of the night and had to get a flashlight to make sure he was still breathing since he didn't even wake once to potty (reminded me of the first night my kids slept through, i'd have to check to make sure they were ok). he's got a little name tag with his name and phone number on it, he has grown a bit already, he's learned to do the back steps up but not down, his personality emerges more every day, he likes a variety of toys and gathers everything and piles them around himself on a throw rug in the kitchen. he eats well, his plumbing has worked perfectly. we have a 1 hour consultation tomorrow with the trainer for puppy kindergarten when it's time. they do a very thorough intake and really examine the dog's personality, habits, etc. and will want to know what my goals are for eddie. older sister, betty, still isn't sure that i haven't lost my mind, bringing a puppy into "her" house, she's a bit aloof, but i even see him charming her into liking him. he's so engaging. bill, we are so pleased with your great work and attention to detail in breeding and preparing such a great pup. it's so obvious that you run your kennel and breeding program with great care and integrity, he's done beautifully in just the week we've had him. i have a couple of pictures that i'll forward from my blackberry when i get a chance.

Sharon Pearson

Hi guys, I just wanted to send a quick email and give you a few pics of memphis and our family as well as give you an update on him. He is a very busy little guy, and Bill you weren't lying when you said he asks like a teenager from time to time but I actually think he takes on alot of the traits of my 15month old Brynnlyn. They haven't quite gotten to the stage of where they can be in the same room without us being around as I think Memphis thinks she a littermate and rite away is nibbling on her finger, toes and trying to drag her around by her diaper or bottom. Our son Connor wishes he could stay home and have sick days to spend with him as Memphis loves to play cars with him , although most of the time takes the cars to his favorite spot at the stop of the stairs. Paige our oldest has taken a huge role in walking Memphis and spending every moment she can with him, she always wanted a puppy and he is everything she wanted.....Well and Ty and I we adore the little guy and spend every minute we can just getting to know him, he loves to cuddle up when not wanting to tear our pant legs off....He has adjusted beautifully in our home and thank you guys again so much for giving us an amazing puppy. We will send more and better pics when he can spend more then a minute outside, although he already knows outside means he needs to go to the washroom before heading back in and is very good already.....Talk to you soon

Rachel Lenius

Susan and Bill,

Just to let you know Buckwheat is doing great. Remember I asked you about the airlicking? Well after going to my vet I decided to go to my homeopathic vet (she is fabulous). She took one look at Buckwheat and said I wasn't feeding her enough and she was just trying to tell me she was hungry!! Sure enough I started feeding her more and she is just fine and now 18 pounds! Needless to say she is quite the character! She is such a joy and she and Groucho just love each other. They have such fun together. She is so affectionate and a pleasure. The other day someone came to the door and Groucho and Buckwheat greeted them with no barking and they said they never met a cocker that didn't bark when someone came in!! I keep checking your website.... if we are ever ready for 3 dogs again we will be calling you. thanks so much....

debbie, gerry, groucho and buckwheat

Hi Susan and Bill, We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new little girl. She is absolutely precious. She comes to work with us every day. She loves all of the attention. She is already learning potty training and you were right, she only gets up once a night to potty. Mary Jane has been so good, no crying unless she wants something or needs attention. People are surprised by her beautiful color and of course, she is very sweet. We will send pics soon. Donna and John

I just wanted to let you know how your little puppy is doing. We came from Westfield, IN in response to an ad in the Indy Star and picked up a 'shy' little guy -- from Cupcake and Jasper's litter.

Since he was a 'Christmas puppy' we named him Isaiah's Hope.

I intended to get with you before, but we've had so much going on -- Isaiah broke his leg (trying to climb up his crate) less than two weeks after we got him. We took him for emergency surgery and for 5 weeks he was not allowed to walk, run or jump. That's been a couple of weeks now, and he is absolutely perfect. He is an absolute joy to us, getting bigger every day.

As you thought when we were there, he is a perfect dog for someone in their 60's... not a lot of excess energy, but enough to be a lot of fun. He loves to sit with my husband particularly.

I will forward pictures later, but he is the PERFECT dog.... very affectionate, co-operative and very smart. We'd hoped that he could have some puppy training to become more socialized, but because of his leg, that hasn't been possible yet. Our vet and his staff have fallen in love with him -- he even asked us if we knew how 'special' Isiah is.

I think Isaiah is very happy. We have a fenced in back yard, and over the last week or so he's been able to romp a little more in it -- in addition we've been able to start walking.

Thank you so much for all you do. We really love little Isaiah.... and so do all our neighbors!

Hi Susan.

Hope you and Bill are doing well. We took our little Winter for his final puppy shots yesterday. Our usual veterinarian was out. He is the one that has looked after Bunny. He has always been so impressed with her so he wasn't surprised when he met Winter. He has said several times that our dogs were very well bred.

Yesterday was the first time that the new vet had seen either of our dogs. She did the usual examination of Winter and gave him his shots. Afterward she said that Winter was the best Cocker pup she had ever seen. I sort of looked at her quizzically and she said "He is beautiful looking, has a fantastic disposition, and all the things you want to see. Your breeder knows what she is doing."

My husband and I were thrilled. John pulled out one of your cards and said that she should look at your website.

But, Susan, she was only telling us what we already knew. We love our little cockers. We hope to stop by sometime soon so that you can see our little guys.

Take care.

Lynn Jansen

Shea is thriving wonderful and a joy. She is also a devil... :) She can jump VERY high clears gates... now gone... LOL useless.

She has been an amazement to the vets on her health, build , muscle tone. "Where did she come from?"

I order your Live Abundance, they never asked for your number we need to fix this. I order it for the cats too. Who only one time in two months threw up fir balls, used to be four times a week. That food is great!!!

I used and lost the powder packet for Shea's eyes... I loved it because it worked... can you send me information? I believe in it.

Shea has a bath every Sunday and loves it... She likes the spray of water right on her face too funny.

This weekend Shea will be sent as webpage for you. Saturday salon.. tick season here.. in CT , I will cut her short to find them. Not because she is not protected but we are not. They jump off and my older daughter had one that way.

She looks SOOOOOO much like her Dad unbelievable. You will love it. I am buying everything to groom her myself , just this first time she will be done. But man is she Daddy's girl.

What a joy she is :) Just wait for the weekend for you to post. You will find he pride and love I do.


The Anderson Girls - Shea is 10.5 lbs long legs and FAST :) Runs all the time..

Warmest Regards,

Jan, Annika , Courtney Anderson

hi susan,

hope this finds you and bill doing well. wanted to update you on eddie - i know you get lots of fan mail, and i've had many, many dogs in my life, but he is the most delightful, easy puppy i've ever had the pleasure to know. he is smart, compliant but not wimpy, joy filled. he's friendly but not pushy, greets everyone politely and seems to know when they're not interested and goes to his little mat and entertains himself. he's been so flexible, adjusts well wherever he's gone. he spends every day with me in my office - i thought he'd have to be an adult before he was considered "therapeutic" however many times people have said they feel better already just visiting with him. i've even had people call me after a session to thank me for sharing eddie with them. yesterday, he completed puppy preschool where he wonderfully and in a few weeks we'll be starting on basic obedience. he accepts the crate without comment both in the house and in the car, potty training has been a breeze, maybe a total of 3 accidents the whole time - it has seemed almost a non-issue. he's had another hair cut, only vaccinations he has left are in about 3 weeks, coccidia is completely gone, he weighed 7.4 pounds as of last week. the vet (who is not a man of many words or high praise) remarks about how special he is, my husband is ridiculously "over the top" crazy about him as well. well, i could keep going i'm sure.....just wanted to keep you updated on his progress and once again thank you for your amazing breeding and advising. he's just perfect!

sharon pearson

hi bill,

he shares his toys on a daily basis. he can be totally minding his own business with his treasures and will immediately pick up on the fact that emotions are increasing in the room. he's truly amazing, we are absurdly in love with him! hope you and susan are doing well.


Hi, Bill. My name is Tony Cooke, and my fiancee (Yael Cidon, the veterinarain) came to your home in November to pick up our beautiful little Mia. She has been an absolute delight-easy to house train, easy to train in general, affectionate, sweet, playful, totally appropriate with other animals and children. She is a tiny little Cocker Spaniel-about 14.5 pounds, but don't let her size fool you. She is bold and confident, just like her daddy Casper, and she fears no man or beast. We couldn't be happier with her disposition and her robust health. She is a little treasure. I'm sending you some pictures of daddy's little girl. I hope you enjoy them.

Tony Cooke Yael Cidon

Bill and Susan,

Our cockers, Parker and Trixie, were featured in Pet Supplies Plus Indy's newsletter. Just thought you'd like to see that two of your pups have become "famous" :) These two are the best addition to me and Michael, they compliment us very well! Trixie is a daddy's girl and Parker is a momma's boy!

We have been referring lots of Cocker Spaniel lovers to you guys in hopes you can make them as happy as we are!

Hi Susan and Bill, How are you doing? If you are like our family, probably glad spring is finally here! I just wanted to give you an update on our adorable puppy from Crystal and Casper's litter. We named her Roxy Blue and she has a gorgeous blue merle coat. We have had so many people ask about her and her color/markings. Her right eye has about 1/4 blue (3:00-6:00 position on a clock) in the brown iris. We like to say she has a "twinkle" in her eye! I will send you some photos by separate emails. IT will be hard to choose which ones to send! How is Roxy's blue merle brother and the brown tri-merle? Have you seen photos of them? I'll be they are beauties, too. It is hard to believe she is just over 6 months old now! She is a great dog -- a smart, quick learner; she wants to play all the time; and she loves to give kisses, cuddle, and have her tummy rubbed. She is very good-natured and she and our other cocker, Lexi, have adjusted well to each other. They love to chase Frisbees, balls, and birds in the yard. I think Roxy could do that all day and not be tired -- so much energy! She loved playing in the snow this winter, which was a good thing because we had so much here in Cincinnati. Thanks again for providing us with such a wonderful dog and addition to our family. Our daughters absolutely adore her and she makes us laugh every day. Take care and hope all is well with you. Julie Duncan

Hi Susan and Bill!!

We hope this finds you both doing well!!

We are so enjoying EdEarl. He is such a sweet dog. He is a total lap-dog and spoiled rotten by Mr. C. Those two are best buddies for sure. It's hard to believe that his 3rd birthday is coming up soon!! He weighs about 25 pounds now. He has very long legs and is much taller than some Cockers. He has a very healthy weight. We monitor his food and he is pretty active!!! We know that Cockers can gain weight quickly!!! He loves to take walks and rides in the car. All of the gals that work at any of the drive up windows, from the bank to McDonalds, love to see EdEarl come through. He usually gets something from the workers from a treat to a french fry!! Very funny to watch. He gets so excited when we are in line at the bank!!

He loves all toys and plays constantly........when not sleeping on a lap!!! He prefers soft toys that squeak and loves to play tug. Our grandchildren love him and we take him to PA every fall to visit our four over there. They don't have a dog...four kids is plenty...and they can hardly wait for EE to get there. Our two grandchildren here in town have a labra-doodle and EE loves him, too. In fact, we have yet to meet someone or another dog that EE does not like!!! His tail never stops moving. I tell people that Cockers are so happy all the time that if their tails were not cropped, we would all have bruised shins from the constant wagging and knocking their tails into us!!!

We just had to comment on the adorable male merle that you have for sale right now. Had he been born about the same time of year as EE was, we would come right over and bring him home. Unfortunately, we are in our "hardly ever home" period of the year and we just won't bring a pup into the house and then leave him. We feel that a new puppy needs lots of attention and a stable schedule in order to make the adjustment to his new home. We would love to have him, but we just can't make it work out right now. We get on the puppy page every day just to look at his sweet face.

We will continue to watch your web page in case you have another pup that "speaks" to us as much as that little boy does. We think that EE would love a little brother some time.

Take care!!! Linda and Wayne Courtright

Hi Bill and Susan,

Just a quick update on our Honey Bunnies otherwise known as Annie and Lucy. Annie is doing wonderfully well, her behavior is excellent!!! She lets me put my hand in her food dish and take her bone now and never do you hear her growl or act aggressive to others. She is as sweet as Lucy but much more high strung. I love them both more than air. I took your wonderful and expert advice and along with it read New Skeet Monk books on raising puppies and spent all my free time with the pups mostly Annie to train her into letting me be the Alpha of the group. As a result she is happier and so are we. And my grandkids adore her as much as she does them!! Will send pictures soon, almost got the art of computer picture sending learned but i am not as fast a learner as Annie! But as you already know, they are gorgeous!! People stop us EVERY day asking where did i get such pretty cockers!!! Love to all,

Evie, Annie, Lucy and Frank!!!

I would be happy to tell you about my experience with CM Cockers. To put it in a word . . .wonderful! I first spoke with Bill and Susan on the phone. They answered all my questions and invited me to come up and see the puppies. We live in Cincinnati and it was a 3 1/2 hr. drive, but worth it. I was so impressed with their facility. All the dogs were happy, healthy, well loved and the place was immaculate! We first saw our puppy at 4 weeks and went back 3 weeks later to pick him up. We were able to meet Toby's father, mother and all the other dogs on the premises. They were all extremely friendly and well-groomed.

Toby is now 5 months old. He is healthy, energetic, extremely smart (he is currently in puppy kindergarten and showing up all the other dogs in his training -- but I may be a little biased! ;-) ) and an absolute joy. We all love him so much. We had him checked at the vet 4 days after we got him and the vet gave him a clean bill of health and said he was a "great pup." We think so. Would I buy from them again? ABSOLUTELY!

We may be checking back with them in a year or two to bring home a playmate for Toby. He currently has an 11 year-old Golden Retriever brother that he "tortures" on a regular basis. We also have two cats and Toby loves them too . . . sometimes a little too much for the cats' liking.

I wish you all the best in looking for a new cocker. I highly recommend purchasing from CM Cockers. They truly care about all their puppies. This is our first cocker spaniel, but I love our new puppy and will probably have many more cockers in the future. If you have any further questions, I'd be happy to help any way I can.

Take care, Linda

Good morning Bill and Susan. We made it home at about 11:30 (our time). We stopped once and he did not know what to do on the grass so we went the rest of the way without stopping. At home he peed and pooped in the house (once on paper) but this morning he went outside twice and not in the house at all. We crated him next to our bed and he slept through until I woke up. When I got out of bed he made the first sounds that we heard out of him....whinning. I took him outside and he did a fine job. He is eating and drinking like a champ and right now he is sleeping in his crate with the door open. We have him confined to the kitchen dining area which is tiled. Last night we played for about an hour before bed and Terry was laughing like I have never seen him laugh before. Little Dude will surely help him to move on to a new love. Thank you so much for raising such wonderful dogs. We will keep you informed of his Vet visit and progress.

Pat Behling

William and Susan

Just wanted to let you know that little Shelby is doing great! She's eating well and sleeping fine (with Teagan). She hasn't cried at all. Teagan has been so good to her even when Shelby is chewing on her ears. Our granddaughters Lili and Sophia came over on Christmas eve and were so surprised with Shelby. They just love her! I think this has been our best Christmas!

Thank you again, Joe and Kristine Meyer