Hi Susan and Bill!

It’s birthday time for our Maggie and I love to send you updates every year. Maggie is doing great!! Today was absolutely beautiful so I took Maggie and our granddaughter, Ella to the park for a fun afternoon after school. Maggie is such a little doll and loves everyone. Thought you’d enjoy seeing this picture from today.

Mary Beth

Doug & Kelly Baer's Lily

Echo (Echoes of Lost Loves) - left and Balsam (Carolina in the Pines) - right

Happy Valentines Day from Haley

Bill and Susan,

I brought my beautiful baby boy home in Dec 2017. Upon arriving at home Barbara’s Boston Terrier immediately brought him a toy to welcome him. He is an amazing little guy! He loves everyone and every living thing. Lots of breeders say they breed for temperament, but you really do. He’s funny, alerts us to problems, entertains us and most of all loves and comforts us. He’s a snuggle bunny and never stops showing his love and I love him with all my heart. I am blessed to share my life with this wonderful little man.

Thank you,
Paulette Spiva

Happy New Year! All is well. Happy & Healthy! Thank you for this wonderful spirit!

Still trying for a smile!

This is Dermot born 7/15/17.