I am writing to give you an update on my baby Riesling. She is the greatest dog with an amazing attitude. She loves to steal my socks and hide them all over the house. She is the typical only child and doesn't like to share her toys when she visits other dogs. She'll collect them all and watch over them so no one is able to play with them but her. She even snores louder then most people when she sleeps which never stops me from laughing at her.

You guys raise the most beautiful cocker spaniels, I am constantly told how beautiful she is and what a lovely coat she has by groomers and vets. I even had a groomer in the Detoit area tell me how of all the cockers she has ever groomed (Which is a lot because Cockers are so popular) Riese is in the top 3 most beautiful cocker spaniels she has ever seen. She raved about how gorgeous her coat is and how she even stands on the table exactly how a cocker spaniel should. I really wanted to show her but unforunetly I just wouldn't have the time with school so of course she is spayed and will remain a spoiled family dog.

I have attached a couple of recent photos of her.

Thank you again because without you I wouldn't be able to have my adorable baby,


Hi Susan and Bill,

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Just wanted to send you a couple pics of Harley and Bella (Daisy and Diego female and Crystal and Caspers male) Harley and Bella are just awesome together! They fight, they play and they sleep togther. Harley is already house trained at 12 weeks!! He learned it from Bella! He goes to the back door and whines....unbelievable!

The Vet said that Harley may need a brow lift unless his head grows into his skin. We will see.

We just love them and wanted to say Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs. They make me laugh every day!

Let me know what you think of the pictures,

Bob and Amy Verhelst
Holland, OHIO

Dear Bill & Susan

This has been my second trip to Indiana after one of your BEAUTIFUL.....Cocker Spaniel Babies and as with our first one Celtic our new baby Macree was worth every mile and hour of that trip to go get him he is every bit as confident in himself as you told me he was. Little man Macree is adjusting well as is Celtic, I want to Thank You Both to your commitment to excellence in raising Healthy,Loving Happy Puppies the love you both share for the wonderful dog called Cocker Spaniel is Evident Our Loving , Healthy, Happy ,Smart and Beautiful Celtic bares testament to that. I have no doubt that Macree our 2nd CMCockerpup will grow to be a Confident, Smart, Loving, Beautiful Cocker Spaniel dog as well.

As always I will keep you posted as our Beautiful babies grow together.

Dan & Brenda Doyle

Hi Susan,

I didn't give you a quick update on Teddy! He is an absolutely wonderful dog, a real "tease" and I love it! What's unique about him is he needs hugs and kisses at bedtime--it's not something I taught him, I'm not sure how it came about! But he doesn't settle down for the night until he comes up in my lap, licks my nose, nibbles on my ear, then gives me a couple of kisses. What a character! I haven't seen him pull the cavaliers down the hallway by their tails in a while, he seems to be outgrowing the really playful puppy behavior :( ! He's my constant companion and a total delight!


Dear Susan and Bill...thought I would forward a photo of Louie with his new mommy and daddy in our home in Tomahawk, WI. Louie made the journey home (500 + miles) with no problems at all. He is eating and drinking really good...playing like a little whirlwind and getting all the love and attention he needs. We couldn't be happier with our new addition to the family and are so grateful to have one of your beautiful little guys. He is trying really hard to make friends with our large old cat, but it will be a slow process while they learn each others boundaries. Louie meets his new vet today. Thank you, Jan and Jim Cleary

Hi Susan and Bill,

As the new year approaches, I realized that I have never sent you any updates on Lucy, born 2/7/10, to Caspar and Willow.

Since we brought Lucy home last April, she has filled our home with happiness and love. She is such a beautiful girl and has more personality than we ever thought possible in a pet! She is very smart and learned the house rules quickly. She has such a sweet demeanor and makes us laugh on a daily basis.

I have attached a few pictures for you to see of her first year with us!

Thanks for everything,
Deanne and Jared Zito

Hi Susan and Bill,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for breeding two of the best dogs we could ever ask for! Cotton (on right in the below picture) is a year older than Cooper (on left in the below picture), yet they get along like brothers and best friends! My parents, Dave and Margo, and I are so happy with how wonderful both dogs have fit into our family and our lives! They have beautiful coats, wonderful personalities and are absolutely delightful with the young children in our family.

Cooper is a bit of a wimp (he's a bit scared of plastic bags for some reason! :)), but he's the cutest little wimp I've ever seen and wouldn't change a thing about him! :)

I just wanted to send you a few pictures of the dogs as we've been meaning to do this for the past two years!!

Thanks again for everything - we are soooo happy with our dogs.

Ingrid, Chicago

Hi Noah had no trouble adjusting. It was funny to see him walk on grass for the first time! He is so smart and loving! Thanks for the wonderful new member!

I cannot say enough how much we love Little Girl. We have named her Peanut and I have attached a family picture. The vet said she is perfect! Also I gave him your card as he complemented her breeding and said it is hard to find a good cocker spaniel breeder. She is doing well and is going outside (only a small number of accidents in the house). She is already learning her name and sleeps so well at night. The kids love her dearly!! They picked out a pink tag with bling for her. Thank you again. When we visit Joan and Al next time we will stop and I will send lots of pictures. Kim

Hi Bill and Susan, It's been awhile since we have written....this little guy keeps us busy and entertained for sure. He is a total delight and we cannot imagine our lives without him. He is playful and smart with such a wonderful temperment. He seldom barks and is totally lovable...and is loved in return by the whole family, friends, and neighbors. He also loves to watch t.v. when certain commercials come on that catch his attention...so funny. He has become our constant companion and we sometimes plan our days so that he won;t be left behind. His potty training is accomplished and he seldom misses. As you can see in the photo, he has loved the snow here in the Northwoods...loves to take walks and jump into the snowpiles. This photo was taken yesterday..3/23/11 after our "spring" snowstorm (a total of 15") He was beside himself with joy at the new fluffy snowfall. I can't thank you enough for bringing this little puppy into our lives. Your devotion to raising healthy, loving, cockerpups is evident in the quality of these dogs. Our vet is impressed with health and temperment. He is becoming a beautiful dog and we are proud and happy to have him as our lifelong companion. He is as devoted to us as we are to him. Hope to see you soon as we will be visiting Terre Haute and hope to set a visit with you. My husband is anxious to meet you and see your cocker colony. Sincerely, Jan and Jim Cleary of Tomahawk, WI and of course Louie

Hi Susan & Bill, Just thought I'd give you a little update on Callie, she just stole my slipper as I was writing this. She is a handful but we are loving every minute of it!! She went to the vet last Thursday, she received her 2nd set of shots and is in good health. We will schedule her to be spayed when she reaches 4 months. We love our little sweetheart, she's growing everyday. We still need to take a family picture and send it your way, but here is one from last week. Take care, Laurie


I can't believe that my baby is already a year old. I threw a little birthday party for her and thought you would enjoy some photos of her. She is such a spoiled a little girl and she loves every minute of it.


Thought you might like to see Layla and some recent pictures of her. She turned one year old today! She is a sweet, loving puppy and listens to commands very well. She is a wild thing and still chews whatever she gets her teeth into but I love her dearly, I ended up getting her spayed so there will be no puppies. Guess I'll just have to drive up and get another one from you!

Hi Susan!

I hope that you and Bill are well.

John took this picture of Bunny (1 & 1/2 year old daughter of Miley and Diago) and Winter (9 & 1/2 week old son of Miley and Casper). Winter gets under my chair and peeks out at Bunny and "dares" her to come get him. It is so much fun to watch them play together. They love each other sooo much. We are so lucky to have them both.


Hi Susan,

I promised your husband pictures. Here are a couple from the last two days. Alex is such a wonderful addition. We love him!!

Thanks again,
Denise Johnson

Hi Susan & Bill, How are you doing? If you are like our family, probably glad spring is finally here!

I just wanted to give you an update on our adorable puppy from Crystal & Casper's litter. We named her Roxy Blue and she has a gorgeous blue merle coat. We have had so many people ask about her and her color/markings. Her right eye has about 1/4 blue (3:00-6:00 position on a clock) in the brown iris. We like to say she has a "twinkle" in her eye! I will send you some photos by separate emails. IT will be hard to choose which ones to send! How is Roxy's blue merle brother and the brown tri-merle? Have you seen photos of them? I'll be they are beauties, too.

It is hard to believe she is just over 6 months old now! She is a great dog -- a smart, quick learner; she wants to play all the time; and she loves to give kisses, cuddle, and have her tummy rubbed. She is very good-natured and she and our other cocker, Lexi, have adjusted well to each other. They love to chase Frisbees, balls, and birds in the yard. I think Roxy could do that all day and not be tired -- so much energy! She loved playing in the snow this winter, which was a good thing because we had so much here in Cincinnati.

Thanks again for providing us with such a wonderful dog and addition to our family. Our daughters absolutely adore her and she makes us laugh every day.

Take care and hope all is well with you.
Julie Duncan

Thought you might enjoy these. We decided on "Skippy" for his name.

Ken & Pat Dopheide
Quincy Illinois

Hi :

We have a before and after of Shea at the spa!

She is precious. Everywhere she goes, everyone asks me where did you get this beautiful dog? I have to tell the funny story of how I took a flight to Indy, my daughter saved up the money to purchase her, she was my carry on. :) LOL

Shea has a breathtaking face, those eyes, facial expressions, love is in her personality. No one has ever " seen a more breathtaking beautiful face than our Shea".

Shea every day is full of love and has made a wonderful difference in our lives. She is so funny, hates the new England snow, but with spring coming she is a very good girl. But..... is a devil.

Our little devil we call her. Gated off in a room, so we could get ready for school /work, she climbed the holes in the gates and was upstairs with us! Now she clears gates with a jump(?) I arrive home 5'4" and she jumps up to kiss my face. Long legs muscular and runs fast!!!

The vet commented they have never seen such a perfect puppy, muscular, happy , loving , energetic. " Where did you get her?" Everyone who has met her said she is the most beautiful puppy they have ever seen. All tests from the vet were perfect, healthy as could be.

Her visit to the spa.. she made friends with all the other dogs, very happy they asked us to please come back. They said she was obviously used to being groomed ( breeder) because she was fine with everything. Again, I heard, where did this puppy come from????

We give her a weekly bath, she loves it- loves water sprayed right on her face, it is so funny. I have followed everything you have recommended vitamins and food. Our cats have the benefit now of your knowledge in food. Our cats would vomit (hairballs) 3 or 4 times a week, I have bought them Life's Abundance Cat food, if at all once a month maybe a furball issue. Amazing.

Thank you for Shea! We love her! She is the sun on a cloudy day, never take our little Shea away!

Love, the Anderson girls
(p.s. the cats do not find her funny) lol

Dear Susan and Bill,

Remember us from Dayton. We made two trips to pickup our new family members last summer! Our daughter had originally contacted you looking for a little black and tan girl since our little girl Gabbi had passed. We decided on Brodi and you called and said a little black and tan girl had been born. We said we would take them both!

I wanted to thank you for allowing us to bring two of your puppies into our home. We refer to them as the kids! They have been wonderful. Brodi and Jamie get along great - most of the time. They love to wrestle. They have a couple toys that they love to play tug of war with. Brodi and Jamie get very rambunctious like any other puppies would!

Sir Brodi Alexander was born May 19, 2010. His mother is Charm and his father is Casper. He is an absolute lover boy. He has those big loving charcoal eyes. He looks so much like his mother. He has a beautiful thick like cotton silver coat. He is so gentle and loving. Sir Brodi is Mr. Laid Back until he has something he is not to have - then he is quick as lightening running with something he knows he should not have! He is quite the jumper also. Believe it or not. He will start at the top of the stairs and just slide down all the steps on his stomach when he wants to. It is so funny!

Jamie Gabrielle was born June 21, 2010 Her mother is Daisy and her father is Jasper. She is black and tan with beautiful markings. Her hair is very silky. Maybe we can attribute this to "Life's Abundance" dog food. She is just as sweet and loving. You described her to me as rowdy - you were right. Jamie loves to be on the go! Jamie is our spunky one! She wants to be the center of attention and in control. She loves for us to throw the ball and she hops like a bunny to get it and bring it right back to us.

I am really looking forward to spring so they can run all around the yard. They love to chase each other around the yard. They are so fast! I look forward to taking them on walks almost daily when the weather gets nicer.

You can see for yourself how beautiful they both are. These pictures below were taken of each of them in January and February. We love them both so much and are happy they are in our family. I will stay in touch and send more photos of the kids!

Please let me know if you have any problems opening the youtube or any of the photos. I thought you would love to see them in action when they were really young on youtube. The one picture of Brodi at 4 mo is really funny. He is hamming it up! He needed his hair cut in this picture. Let me know what you think.

Jeaninne Chaffin and family

P.S. I see you have some beautiful little black and tan puppies on you puppy page and beautiful silver puppies. Since Casper is the father - Brodi really looked like those puppies when he was that young age.



I just wanted to give you a quick update on Charlie Fingerbiter Wilkinson. He has taken over the house, our bed, and our hearts! He still sleeps with his whale, he brought home from the nursery. He is six months old now. He is so loving, he loves everyone. He loves to be cuddled and kissed. He is so confident, the kids call him a Ninja! He climbs, jumps, and soars through the air. Everyone says how beautiful he is. He is so smart, he knows how to get his way. He smiles too, I have never seen a dog smile! He is a cheese for the camera. When I came to visit, I didn't plan on bringing a puppy home that day, but he picked me. I am so glad he did, because I couldn't of looked through a catalog, and ordered a more perfect fur baby. Thanks so much, to the two of you, for making us a family!

Puppy Dog Kisses,
Rick, Stephanie, and the Wilkinson Kids.
Streator, IL.


Just wanted to drop you and Bill a note and let you know Wexford is an awesome addition to our family. He is a very sweet puppy, with great temperament and really has endeared himself to our entire family.

Attached are a couple pictures of him.

Brad Quick

We just wanted to drop you some pictures of our little baby girl after she was newly groomed. She is just as loving a baby as you would ever want. She is still full of spirit and rules the roost. We love her to death and she owns everyones heart. John & Margee Taylor

Hi, Bill. My name is Tony Cooke, and my fiancee (Yael Cidon, the veterinarain) came to your home in November to pick up our beautiful little Mia. She has been an absolute delight-easy to house train, easy to train in general, affectionate, sweet, playful, totally appropriate with other animals and children. She is a tiny little Cocker Spaniel-about 14.5 pounds, but don't let her size fool you. She is bold and confident, just like her daddy Casper, and she fears no man or beast. We couldn't be happier with her disposition and her robust health. She is a little treasure. I'm sending you some pictures of daddy's little girl. I hope you enjoy them. - Tony Cooke & Yael Cidon

Hello Bill and Susan,

Mallory and I wanted to give you an update on how Rocco is doing and thank you for this great new addition to our family. We cannot believe how smart he [email protected] only 12 weeks; he sits, lays down, shakes and stays on command. He quickly learned that in order to go outside he had to ring the 'potty bell' and hasn't made a mess inside in weeks. He is more loving than we could have imagined and it was tough dropping him off at the groomers for the first time and not seeing him all day, here is a pic of him right when he got home with his new summer cut and a pic of him tuckered out after chasing his new buddy Shelbie.

I hope you guys are doing well, and out of habit from looking at pups for so long I keep checking the site to see the current pups you have so who knows when #2 may be coming along.

Thank You,
Ryan & Mallory

We made Mya and Cupid a part of our family in Feb 2003. We ended up letting my mother in law having Cupid cause she fell in love with him. My sweet Mya is the best dog/companion/kid in the world! She wont go to bed until I do and she lays her head on my pillow every night to sleep. My husband and I always said if we get another cocker we'd want to get one from y'all. We moved from PA to TX and all of her paper work is packed away. I wasn't sure if I could find your website after all these years but I did! :) I just wanted to let y'all know that Mya has brought so much joy to our lives and is loved tremendously!! If I could get another baby girl just like her I would! I'm glad we drove all the way from PA to get her cause it was worth it! Thank you! Melissa & family

Dear Susan and Bill,

Good afternoon, I don't know if you remember me I adopted one of your male puppies back at the end of march. My sister-in-law and I drove from Warrenton,Mo to get him, he's the son of Rosebud and Jasper. I know I haven't thanked you or sent pics since we picked him up and I'm sorry for that. But to get to why I'm sending this MSG Harpo is a wonderful dog and he is our world. My husband and I would like to adopt another one of your dog so Harpo has a playmate. He loves to play with other dog so much we think a playmate would be wonderful addition to our family. Do you have any pups about 4 months old or so? We're thinking a female would be nice but that's not a must. I do look forward to hearing from you soon.

P.S. I did include some pics of Harpo, a couple at the park, one him in the truck with Rob on a day trip and some posed pics. Hope you enjoy them.

Darshell Clawson

Just thought I would drop you a note and let you know that Maggie Mae is right at home here! She is a bundle of energy that is for sure...trying to get potty trained and she is definately strong willed!! But we sure are enjoying her and what a beauty! Our Abby is just now starting to like her, I think she is leary of her, with the loss of her older sister a month ago, and now a little fiesty nipper running around!! haha...but so far so good!! Thankyou, and I will be in touch!! You have beautiful dogs there, and we sure are glad to have gotten her!!! thankyou!! - Beth DiPersio, Antioch Illinois

Paul Avila's Amelia

Brenda Doyle's Macree

Norbert Schneider's Marlie

Susan, This is a picture of Joshua and Caleb now age 6 1/2 and 3 1/2. They are doing well and as you can see very happy. They have been wonderful pets over the years. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Linda and Phil Theis

Hi Susan & Bill! Attached is a picture of my children with Bentley. They LOVE him! We had so much fun with him last night and he even "did his business" when we took him outside ... No accidents! He adorable and smart too! Thank you do much. Merry Christmas! Kimberly

Hi Susan & William,

We just wanted to send you some pictures of Callie from this Fall (now 10 months old), she loves to go fishing with us on the pontoon boat! Callie loves the country life, running around in the yard and playing with sticks. She is a blessing to our family, blessing us with alot of kisses everyday.

Thank you again,
Laurie Gill

A couple of pictures of the "GIRLS"

Hi Bill, You won't believe how much he has grown! He is so curious and gets into everything. He loves to chew on EVERYTHING. He is so smart too! He learned how to go to the door when he has to go potty extremely quickly, and he is learning how to sit, rollover, & shake very fast too! He is an amazing pet! When he isn't chewing on everything he is a very sweet boy. We all love him! -Amber


I just wanted to let you know just how wonderful my puppies have been! They are truly amazing!!! My girl Riley is so sweet and lovable...she gives me tons of kisses everyday and is very clingly with me, follows me everywhere. My Cooper boy is so so smart! he really is like 10 times smarter than my poor innocent Riley...He teaches her everything...how to walk good with a leash, how to fetch, how to swim which he does all so good. They fetch things together and its so cute to see them trot back with both their mouths on the object. When Riley fetches and beats Cooper to the object she gets a bit distracted but he manages to show her the way. They are so friendly with people, kids and other dogs. I couldnt ask for a better set of dogs....they have surpassed my every wish and I love them so dearly. They have made our family so happy and complete....Good job on producing such fantastic dogs!!!

Here are some pictures.

Thank you!!!

Just wanted to say "hi" and share a few pictures! -- Dennie Fowler

Here are some of the pictures that I took of here -- Kim Smith