Common Questions and Answers

Q: How Big Will a Cocker Spaniel Puppy Get?

A: Full grown female will be somewhere between 16 to 20 pounds. A full grown male will be be between 18 to 22 pounds. Sometimes we will have some that run a little smaller, but this is our average cocker spaniel size.

Q: Are your puppies registered?

A: Yes, ALL CM Cocker Pups are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered. We are inspected by AKC every year to make sure our dogs are well taken care of. During the annual visit, they check the condition of our kennel to make sure it is a clean safe environment for our dogs, check all of my paperwork, and DNA check our puppies to make sure they belong to the right male. AKC has a DNA profile on all our adult males.

They're also a State licensed dog kennel. We are inspected by the state to make sure all proper test are done and all health records are checked. Additionally, they do a walk through of our kennel and check our dogs to make sure they are well taken care of.

Q: Why are your prices higher than some puppies we find in the newspaper ads or internet?

A: CM Cocker Pups, we do everything we can to make sure we are producing and raising healthy, happy puppies. We feed all our dogs and puppies an all natural, holistic food. The cost of this food is expensive but it gives your puppy a great start in life. We also use NU Vet vitamins to give them an extra boost to a healthy life. We have taken great care selecting our dogs for our breeding program. All our male dogs have champion backgrounds in their pedigrees and most of our female dogs do too. We breed to make sure they have the proper cocker spaniel look and disposition. We select dogs for our breeding program that have good temperaments which will be passed down from generation to generation.

Furthermore, we keep a clean, comfortable kennel for all our dogs. Our nursery is heated and air conditioned, and we have large kennels and exercise runs. As we understand many folks want to observe the puppies from a young age, you can come into the nursery with the opportunity to see all the mommas and new babies. The area gives folks the time to interact with any and all of the babies of your choosing. This early acclimation is mostly non-existent with other breeders, let alone pet stores.

Q: What food do you feed the puppies and where can I buy it?

A: We feed Life's Abundance Holistic. You will not find this at Petco or Pet Smart. We also use NU VET vitamins. You can read more about these products on our health page.

Q: Do you ship your dogs?

A: No. This early time in a puppy's life is a very formative time in behavior shaping, and we've found that the puppy you recieve after a flight does not have the same disposition it did when it left.