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We will discuss with you the puppy you are interested in and the method in which you want to purchase it. A contract will then be e-mailed to you to complete and send back with a $450 deposit. You may also pay for the puppy in full when you sign the contract if you wish.

Puppy Payment

Purchase Contract & Health Guarantee for a CM Cocker Pup:

American Cocker Spaniel,
born ,
AKC Number ,
Sire ,

William & Susan Heath (seller)
403 E. Hampton St
Farmersburg, In. 47850
[email protected]
Web Site:

has paid the seller the sum of $ on . Remaining money owed due at the delivery date, .

This puppy is active, eating well, and will be checked by a licensed veterinarian before delivery - certificate accompanied at delivery.

This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health to the best of our knowledge at the time of purchase. This puppy will be started on worming medicine and inoculations. You have three (3) working days from date of delivery to have the puppy checked by your preferred licensed veterinarian. If the veterinarian finds anything life threatening or disabling, the puppy will be exchanged for another puppy (also veterinarian certified) of equal value as soon as one is available of the same color and gender - will also work in concert with buyer for replacement puppy. A letter from the examining veterinarian must be provided to us, the seller, as evidence/proof of the puppy's infirmity. The puppy must be returned to us, the seller, withing two (2) working days from the date of the veterinarian's examination. The seller will in no circumstances refund any/or part of the purchase price to the buyer.

We cannot assume any responsibility for this puppy once leaving the premises. Any and all cost incurred (including stress-related cherry eye), not just the veterinarian are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Also, the buyer agrees and binds himself/herself to exercise normal care in maintaining this puppy's health. Including routine medical/bodily care, annual vaccinations, and fle and heartworm prevention treatments.

The buyer further states the he/she will NOT chain, tie or otherwise mistreat this puppy/dog. If for any reason the buyer can no longer care for this puppy/dog properly, you must contact the seller immediately - we will take the puppy/dog back and find it a loving (forever) home or raise it here with us. We brought this puppy into this world and we believe it is our responsibility to make sure it has a loving home for it’s entire life.

All of our puppies are sold on a limited AKC registration. This means that we the seller are selling this puppy as a (PET-COMPANION) without breeding rights. This puppy should be spayed /neutered by .



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