Puppy Parents



A handsome American Cocker Spaniel exudes a character of boldness and confidence. A rare, true silver in color and weighs in at 18 pounds.


Just gorgeous !! A disposition that is really easy going. Gentle with his loving and a prince in his surroundings. Leans more toward the traditional look with a heavy coat. So pleased with the way Comanche has turned out. Home bred and raised. Weighs 22 pounds.


A gentle fellow who starts a bit aloof but quickly gives it up for loving attention. Has excellent confirmation of an American Cocker Spaniel while weighing in at 22lbs.



Amadala's personality was greatly enhanced by playing with our grandchildren when she was a baby. She is now the first to seek people for attention. She is a testament to what one looks for in an American Cocker Spaniel. Home bred and raised. She weighs approximately 20 pounds.


Just a sweetheart with those big cocker eyes. She comes to you sweetly almost saying " I love you---Love me too." A gorgeous true silver American Cocker Spaniel weighing in at 20lbs.


Margo is a beautiful, gentle natured girl that loves attention but not pushy for it. Excellent confirmation for an American Cocker Spaniel. Home bred and raised , weighing in a about 22lbs.


Lila is a bit shy which enhances her sweet demeanor. She is so easy to handle and to make over. An American Cocker Spaniel with show quality confirmation. A very light silver/buff in color win at weighting in at 19lbs.


Just say Polly is a dolly! Pretty as a silver American Cocker Spaniel can be. Very sweet personality and confirmation that is near perfection. Polly weights in at 18lbs.