Here is a current picture of Bentley. We just love him to pieces.

Sasha says Happy Halloween! Hope all is well with you and Bill.

Hi Susan, I bought a dog (Bengee, black male) from you about a year and a half ago. He is doing well!! We love him very much! He is very loving and confident! We couldn't ask for a better dog! My cousin has lost her two cockers in the last year due to illness. The second just two days ago. Both dogs were getting up in years, 13, I believe. I was wondering if you had any breeding dogs you were ready to retire in the near future. My cousin has had cockers all her life, and I told her about Bengee and how good a dog he is. I think she would like to have another cocker, and I believe she couldn't ask for a better cocker than one of yours! If a retired dog is not available in the near future, what is your puppy schedule looking like?

Thanks for a great breed of cockers! Yours truly, Rick Peterson

Hi Susan and Bill,

Here is Lola at 19 weeks, (Zoey's blanket in the background) she just graduated from puppy class and will start intermediate class this week. She is a blessing to us , as is Zoey! We absolutely love the way her colors have changed! She is beautiful!! Zoey and Lola get along great and of course, Zoey is teaching her along the way!

Hope you are both doing well
Jan, Gail, Zoey and Lola

Velvet is Miss July! On the back of the boat!!!

Tomorrow will be 1 year since she came “home”

A recent picture of Buddy, and his "sister" Abby looking out the window. He loves the outdoors, and I have to drag him in the house sometimes. Rain, snow, or sunshine he wants to be outside. He is a stubborn boy who only does what "he" wants to, but I love him just the same.

Take care.

Haley just had her sutures out from being spayed, and a nice day at the groomers! She weighs 17lbs 4oz and full of LOVE!!!! We are so proud of her!!!

Hi Susan and Bill!

I hope this note finds you well! I was just thinking of you guys the other day, and realized I had t reached out to give you an update on the darling male puppy I brought home from you at the beginning of February!

It did take a few days to decide on his name, but this little boy goes by the name Mac! He is SO incredibly smart and minds very well. Our groomer, vet, and dog trainer are all so astonished at how smart he is and how quickly he learns things! I definitely attribute that to how smart he is more so than my training, I am the most proud dog mom there is. They also say how handsome he is constantly. The silver color coat means some more frequent baths sometimes, but he has grown to enjoy them.

He LOVES playing with the big dogs. The groomer had a Cane Corso dog as well and said Mac made fast friends, meanwhile all the other dogs were scared of the big dog!

I also get told frequently that he is so relaxed for a puppy. Mac loves to play and is all puppy right now, but is not nervous or easily stressed. He loves car rides (we took a trip to Nashville and he just napped and chewed his bone the whole way). I was concerned about the first bad storm we had and how he would act, and he barely even noticed! He also loves sleeping in his crate - even more than he likes my bed.

He really is the apple of my eye, my best bud. I am so grateful to have found you two. I always speak so highly of how well I was treated and how well the parents and pups are treated as well. It truly is like family, and I know that is part of why Mac has such a great disposition and personality. I will sing your praises through and through!

All the Best,
Maggie Grover

We wanted to show off our sweet Belle. She is a loving, sweet and mischievous little pup. We all love her so much. She turned 6 months on March 10th. I believe Lily is her Sister. God Bless you both for creating such great companions.

Just wanted to send you a few updated pics. Bentley finished puppy class a few weeks ago and is now in a intermediate puppy class. He has done very well and is a quick learner. As you can see from one pic, he thinks he is in charge and can sit wherever he wants. Little man is truly the best and we love him to pieces. He just got groomed yesterday and looks so cute.

I hope you are well. Any new litters on the way.

Emily Castor

Hi Susan and Bill,

We hope you are doing well. I thought you might like to see what Lily looks like now, she will be 6 months on March 10. I can't believe we have had her for 4 months. She is a beautiful, smart, loving and of course she can be stinker at times. We love her so much and are so thankful to have in our family.

Take Care,
Danny, Tammy, Gracie, Maggie and Lily Cardin

Copper just had a haircut and bath today. Once we were finished, I was in the kitchen and I turned around and was able to snap this shot of him. I ADORE this dog. And I am grateful you are breeders of such wonderful Cocker Spaniels. Juju and Brady are already buddies. He's really smart and is so in tune with Brady. He & Copper play hard when they're together. It's so interesting to me how different his personality is from Copper, but yet, there's that intelligence, loyalty and kindness that lies underneath. I hope this finds you and Bill well. If I could, I would have an entire farm full of these dogs!

Beth Sollars

Our girl turned 4 today! - Melissa Davis