Wanted to send you an update on Maximus. We purchased Max from you in May 2014. He is a puppy from Boo & Blue. Attached is a photo of Max around 5 1/2 months old. He has brought such enjoyment to our household. Max and his brother Murray(10 year old Cocker Spaniel) love to play tug of war and also enjoy eating ice cubes together. Max is a beautiful dog we receives compliments every time we take him out. I have never had so many people inquire about a merle cocker spaniel. I always share your information with the individuals along with praise about the quality and care you provide to your dogs/puppies. We look forward to sharing more photos of Max in the future. Take care.

Tracy & Dave Lucas

MinkaBoo and I wish you a Happy Halloween!

She is doing great.... We miss Peaches but she goes to daycare a couple afternoons a week to play with other puppies and it has helped her adjust. Thought you would like the photo. I have some pics being printed so hopefully some good ones will come out and I will mail you one for your bulletin board!

Karen and MinkaBoo........ "Boo"

Not sure about trick or treating since she is scared of dogs!

- Melissa Davis

I just wanted to give you an update :)

After being the sweetest little ring bearer at our wedding, Addie was wonderful for Tim and I as we made the trek across the country to our apartment in Oceanside, CA. We made sure to include her in all of our pictures along the way. She got to see the world's largest wind chime in Illinois, the arch in Missouri, and the petrified forest and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. She has made herself at home in our apartment, most of the time being a little Miss Nosey and always being a diva. We can't say no to such a cutie. My mom is coming to visit California soon so I have been working extra with Addie on her tricks. She can sit, lay down, roll over, shake, and come as long as there is a treat involved :)

I cannot thank you and my parents enough for bringing such a beautiful puppy into Tim and I's life!

Laura Toland (Pruitt)

We love our Zoey! She just graduated from puppy class and got her "star puppy" certificate from AKC. She is doing great!

Thanks again,
Jan & Gail
Delavan, Illinois

Melissa Davis's Belle wishes you a happy 4th!

Hope this finds the two of you well. Here's a pic of Macy Mae stopping to smell the "roses". Lol! She is more beautiful every day and is so smart I can barely stay ahead of her.

-- Shanna Story

Hi Susan and Bill just wanted to share a couple of pictures of Charlie.He was just neutered and chipped and is just about back to normal,he now weighs about 13 lbs we think he is going to be small like his mother Rosebud.

Thanks again
MaryAnn,Lou and Charlie.

Carly is from Casper and Dolly's litter. We are super excited to celebrate with her. This little lady is so spunky, she cracks us up, climbs up on top of us, is a petite little thing and just commands our attention!

Hope you are enjoying all the new puppies. I love seeing the new pictures on your website. Looks like a few of the pup's look similar with Casper as their dad.

If you have 3 minutes, take a peek at this little video I put together with fun music to celebrate this crazy fun year! I promise it's not spam.

Kristin Barrero

Dear Susan and Bill,

Just a quick note to show you that you were RIGHT. Wesley and Tashi have made up just in the last few weeks and are now and as you can see are taking a nap almost side by side. Maybe what I should say is that Tashi tolerates Wesley!

What a beautiful Cocker spaniel Wesley has turned out to be both in looks and his outgoing friendly disposition. From the day we brought him home ,there has NEVER had that first accident in the house. I am still looking for someone to groom him. His coat is just too beautiful to have it ruined by a poor groomer. If you know of anyone in the Indianapolis area I would be grateful .

As you can see he also LOVES my Rainbow vacuum and come running every morning to have the dusting brush used on his coat with NO FEAR.

I hope all is well with you both. I did see that beautiful black female you had for sale. So tempting! I know I will have another black female someday. We are so blessed to have found you and Wesley and brings so much happiness into the house every day.

Rob Mitchelll

Good morning and Happy Easter! Here's a quick pic of my beautiful baby girl. Have a wonderful day!

Shanna Story

Happy Easter from Melissa Davis!

Hi Susan and Bill here are some pics of Charlie, he is about 9 lbs and very smart.He can sit and stay on command and is about 95% trained.He is still a little nippy but hopefully he will stop when gets his adult teeth. He was at the vet & is in perfect health

Beau was an only child for a year and was happy ruling the house when we decided to get him a little “sister.” Kayla came to our home the day before Thanksgiving 2013. Beau wasn’t sure what to make of her and became very quiet when I brought Kayla home. I think he hoped it was just a visit. But soon he realized she would be a great playmate and his “top dog” status wasn’t threatened. Now he seems to really like her. Watching them play has become our favorite entertainment. They have such great personalities and temperament and travel very well. We have a motor home and take them everywhere we go. One of the cutest moments was when Kayla discovered another puppy to play with. Eventually she realized it was her reflection in the mirror. I think Beau got a good laugh out of it. We live in San Francisco bay area and are fortunate to have a great life with our wonderful dogs. We love them so much and everyone who meets them falls in love with them too.

Jim & Debbie McCreary

Almost 3 months old. Not smiling yet but we are working on it!:) She is doing well house training. We she does have an accident we sternly ask. Little girl did you pee on the floor and she runs and gets in her taxi!

Hi Susan & Bill,

This is Miss Velvet attacking a door stop while at work. She loves to hit it with her paws and I only wish you could hear the noises she makes. She is truly a little entertainer and she is such a joy to be around. Look out Hollywood!!!!!!!

Debbie Meuser

MinkaBoo and everyone says Hi !! She's doing great and I'm just loving on my beautiful puppy. Hope you are all well and having lots of puppies..... Karen

Hi Susan,

Greetings from Southern California, our little boy, Scout, is happy and healthy.

Quick question, what treatment do you recommend for weepy eyes? I know it is common in cocker spaniels and thought you would be the person to ask!

Cindy Loesch

Susan & Bill, We are sending you some new pix of Casper Suds on his 2nd Bday today! He is a sweet and loving boy and a joy for us these past 2 years. He seems to know it's a special day as he has been going through his Bday bag with Dennis and enjoying some extra treats today! Thought you would like to share these on your sight........ a handsome boy if I do say so and we are so happy to have him with us. Casper is a little upset that the snow is melting here. He would rather pee in the snow than the grass. Whenever we take him out he looks for a snow patch to go on. HA HA! Hope you are enjoying this 50 degree weather after such a hard winter....although Casper loved licking the snow as you can see in the pic I sent! Enjoy!! Hugs, Dennis, Linda & Casper

Dear Susan and Bill, Our trip couldn't have been more smooth, the baby couldn't be more perfect, and the whole experience that you both brought to us, meeting Bill and enjoying his company, couldn't have been more sweet. We couldn't be happier. Let us know Bill is home. BAK

Hi Susan and Bill~

Oh my this winter has been one like ‘old times’!! Just doesn’t seem to quit! :)

Had to write and tell you that I have NEVER had a Cocker like the one we got from you. She was smart as a whip right from the start. Faith will be a year old soon, and she is the most loving dog that we have ever seen… Dale was not thrilled that I had decided to get another baby after we lost Bronwyn. Of course, he was the one who was at the vet that day that we had to put her down, and it broke him up something fierce. It took a couple of months, and one day he was sitting in the office with this little sweet bundle and I overheard him say - Yeah, Faith, I didn’t think I would ever love another one as much as I loved “B” but you are something else!” I knew then that this dog was special in another way - she seems to know where she is ‘needed’. The other day, Dale said to me - Too bad you don’t have a dog! :) She sleeps on him when he is in the lazy boy - ALWAYS. She very seldom is on my lap anymore! But, that’s okay cuz she is a doll!

So that brings me to the next part… I was looking on your website and see that you will have new babies soon. Do you think you will have a black and white like that adorable one that was in the pen with Faith when we came to pick her up? And do you have a waiting list for one like that? Not sure yet whether we need a female again… Just needed to see what your situation will be.

Thanks so much!
Claudia, Dale, and Faith <3


This is LucyJo (birthday 9/14/13). All three pictures are around Christmas 2013, The second picture is Lucy with her big brother Denali. They are inseparable! She loves being outside and chases the leaves, butterflys, birds and anything that moves! She loves the pool too! She slept thru the night from day one! She loves to cuddle, be petted and loved. She plays with her cousins (Macy the Chessipeke, Bender the weiner, spanial mix, Lola the Rot, Doberman mix and Wrigley the Beagle) They ALL love the pool!

I'll have to get a good picture of Stella and LucyJo together. They are a hoot when they see eachother! Lucy plays the "big sister, don't bug me" roll.

I'm sorry it took so long to get pictures to you! I hope you will display them on your website! I check it often!

Shari Fishuburn
Channahon, IL

Lily in her new pretty harness. Time to walk on the leash.

He is more than we ever could have hoped for thank you for breeding a gem.He already has grown and he has learned to sit on command.We will send more pictures as he grows.


I put the check in the mail yesterday because I didn't get out until then. Sorry it took awhile but the weather has been brutal. I have now left Lily twice. I went to the gym and then on errands. She stayed 4 hrs in her cage and did fantastic. She can now sleep alone but really likes Chloe or me to lay down with her. I think that is my fault because my children were just like Lily and Chloe (as a puppy.). Lily is healthy and happy. She is simply precious. You are a blessing to so many others I'm sure. We feel it every time we look at her.

She loves this orange afghan. She is laying next to me while I catch up my email and texts. She is relaxed, playful and doing great with the potty pad next to the patio door. I wanted to let you know that she is healthy, happy and loved.

You two are fabulous breeders and we enjoyed getting to meet you. Thanks again, Susan Bossung.

Dear Susan and Bill,

Our boy, Burton, is gorgeous, healthy, and sweet in every way. He has bright eyes & pristine ears that are perfect size and shape inside. The pictures we attached are of him on the snowy front porch, and of him in his "boy wrap" for when the snow gets blustery & we can't get him out. He's so incredibly spoiled and tremendously loved. Almost too much! I know I shouldn't be thinking about another one so soon, but we have lots of room in our home and hearts for a girl. If we could have gotten on a plane to Indie tomorrow to get Rosebud and Caspers baby we would have! You showed us her picture as a newborn. She is beautiful and petite. We aren't sure if we should let our boy be the only silver and get an all black girl or get another silver, so don't forget about us. Our boy will be getting neutered on Feb 4, 2014, so I will be sending in his paperwork shortly thereafter.



I hope all is well with you and your husband. Your new pups are gorgeous!!!!! This is Velvet in her winter coat and matching hat she's quite the little diva. She just lights up the room where ever she goes. She is my little girl and I love her death. She just loves traveling, boating, Florida or just hanging out in the office. She has given us so mush enjoyment and love. It has been wonderful for her sister Chanel. The are two hoots when they get going. She is 13 pounds but she thinks she is 100lbs!!!!! At work she sits in my chair with me. Thank you for allowing me to adopt her.

Debbie A. Meuser :)

Hello Susan,

I just wanted to e-mail you and update you on our little girl Charlie, she was born in January of 2013 to Totty. It is so hard to believe we are closing in on having our baby for a year. Her birthday came just a little over a week ago, we didn't do too much she got a new chewy and an antler for Christmas so we just wrapped it all into one.

Since the last time I emailed you she has defiantly made herself a permanent member. She is such a spoiled, or as I like to say loved, little dog. She is now completely potty trained and does really well when we go outside, so much so that I very rarely take out on leash. All it usually takes is a call of her name and a lets go inside to get her to run to the door. She has also become very fond of going on car rides, all we have to say is the magic works "Let's for bye, bye" and she is off to the door with a wagging tail. She still also has never met a stranger, she gets so excited when we go anywhere or anyone comes over. She actually sometimes becomes too much sometimes and she has to be put up so she can calm down.

Charlie has also really fallen into her own with her personality. She is so awesome, we seriously could not have asked for a better edition. She also is on a pretty tight schedule for grooming, we take her to a local Petsmart near us and her groomer is awesome. She does such a great job, I never knew how beautiful she could look until we got her to the right groomer. Every time we go anywhere with Charlie, we always get compliments on her coloring, she is chocolate and white and such a great mixture of the two. This summer I am seriously considering putting her into some obedience training and getting her into some training for being a companion dog, meaning taking her into nursing homes and hospitals to visit the elderly and sick. With me being an EMT that is right up my ally.

I hope you have enjoyed reading an update on another one of your puppies, we have really enjoyed all the greatness she has brought to us. We thank you again for what she has brought us, we couldn't have asked for a better edition!

Sam, Abi, and Houston Burnett


My mom and I bought a puppy from you in 2009 (I think). Well, long story short we love him more than we ever imagined. I have now bought a house and I do not want to go without having my own puppy. I was wondering if you still have the silver male for $600? Also, if you have pictures of the ones born on 12/11.

I have attached a few photos of our Kobie. He is the most loving dog ever and I would love one that his personality. I would really like a male and for him to be buff or silver.

Thank you,
Makinsie Belcher

Susan and Bill,

Brad and I just wanted you to know how much we are loving our puppy. She has turned out to be such a great addition to our family. We look forward to being with her everyday after work. She is a sweet and loving dog and she has brought us so much joy and love. Everyone loves her. She is beautiful! Keep up the good work!

Happy New Year!
Brad and Paula Jones and Zoey too!