Hi Susan, Bill,

I apologize that this note is so late, but I wanted to send you an update regarding our little silver female cocker spaniel that we adopted from you back in April, which we have named Luna (it means “moon”, since her silver color reminds us of the color of the moon)!

She is such a sweet little girl and both my husband Matt and I just love her. She loves to snuggle with us and play- we enjoy spoiling her with new toys and treats on a regular basis, and every time we take her outside on a walk or to the local PetsMart or Treats Unleashed stores, she receives many, many compliments on how cute and beautiful she is. We couldn't agree more, and with Thanksgiving coming up, we wanted to send you our thanks for bringing such a wonderful puppy into the world and into our lives. We have attached a few pictures to show you how beautiful little Luna is. We will definitely be sure to recommend CM Cockers to anyone interested in a cocker spaniel. We hope all is going well with you and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


Christine, Matt, and Luna Menze

Hi Susan and Bill!

Another birthday! And finally my 'brother' plays with me! We got moved and soon our new house will be built. Mom and Dad have to keep close watch of me cuz if I get loose I RUN LIKE THE WIND!! Mom says there are dangerous things in the timber but I'm soooo cute surely nothing will hurt me!!??!! Well hope you are well :) I'll send you another picture next month.

Faith Springer

Hi Susan and Bill!

Sophie, daughter of Dolly and Casper, is doing wonderful! We love her so much! After losing our recent dog last October, she was just the fix we needed to brighten up our lives! She is very loving and cuddly, which comes in handy in this cool weather! She just turned 1 this past October. She is the smartest dog that we have ever owned. She was potty trained in no time and graduated from doggy school at Petsmart this past spring. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have her!

The West Family, John, Mickie, Clint, Katie, Brenna, Sadie, and Sophie!


Here are a couple of pics of Bow from last week. I like the first one best! We'll send more as he grows up.

Best regards, Sally

Susan, Just wanted to share some more pics of Teddy at about 7 months now. He's doing very well and enjoying family life.

Regards, Mike

Good Morning Bill and Susan,

I just thought I would send a picture and let you know Milo is doing wonderful! He has freckles just like his mommy Lucy. I think he looks like his dad but has Lucy's markings which makes him a beautiful cocker. We can't go any where without stopping traffic people actually stop and get out of there cars to see Milo. They all say they have never seen a cocker that looks so beautiful. Milo is to smart! He has been potty trained since August it took about 30 days he rings the bells when it's time which he learned by watching his big brother and he knows sit, lay down, off, leave it and stay. I just have to show him once and he has the hang of it. We have never had a dog so smart and learn so quick. Thank you for making our family complete again and allowing us to give Ollie and Beau kitty a new best friend!


Hello Susan and Bill,

I have been thinking about you guys quite a bit over the past few weeks and how I should update you on Charlie, she some of Totty's pups from her last litter.

Charlie is doing great and is getting so big. She goes and gets groomed for the first time May 6, we are looking very forward to being able too see what she looks like all fresh. Potty training is going pretty well, she still have a couple accidents a week in the house but aside from that she is doing well. Since we have brought her home she had become very cozy and loves it here, she has defiantly become a huge part of the family. She and Houston, our son, get along very well, they spat over toys but I wouldn't imagine it any other way. The largest shock to us came from how close Charlie and our cat Allie have become, they play for hours and have such a great time together. I didn't think they would have bonded like they have but they get along great!

Her personality is larger then life, she loves everyone who comes to visit and would much rather lick them to death vs even barking at them. She loves kids so very much but gets a little too excited sometimes around the super little ones so we have to usually put her in her crate until she calms down then she is usually good to go. We couldn't have made a better choice is picking a great dog, she is amazing and in just the couple of months we have had her I couldn't imagine not having her. She brings us so much joy and great laughs. We also get tons of compliments on how pretty she is, there is no one that has met this puppy that hasn't fallen in love and for that we greatly thank you!

Wishing you guys all the best,

The Burnetts

Susan and Bill,

We wanted to give you an update after our first week with the puppy. We will send some pictures in a bit. We need to download them first.

His full name is Theodore Roofevelt, but we call him Teddy. He did very well on the car ride home. He whimpered a bit for the first 10 minutes or so, but then fell asleep for most of the ride as you thought he would.

He has fallen into a nice eat/play/sleep pattern. He even slept through the night the last two nights.

We took him to the vet for his first visit today. He weighs a little over 6 lbs. He had his boosters and we will go back on the 17th for the next set. He had a little bit of an ear infection, but the vet gave us some medicine that we need to use for the next week, and an ear cleanser (Aloe Cleanse) that we can use once a week to keep his ears healthy. We also started the monthly heartworm and flea/tick treatments today.

He really seems to be settling in well and is part of the family. We love him very much!

Mike, Ginger Katie, and Teddy!

Good Morning, I hope you are well and getting ready to celebrate the 4Th of July!!! Velvet is doing wonderful. Her and Chanel are best little buddies. Velvet really loves the boat and is enjoying life. She is a GREAT dog!!!!- Debbie

So tomorrow is Faith's birthday! But she has been the present! We almost have potty training down. She sleeps all night in her kennel by the bed. She is quite the 'deal'. She doesn't like 'no' and she wants her own way... But she is also the sweetest thing EVER!! Just wanted to send you the picture and say 'thank you' again! We love her!

Dale and Claudia

Susan & Bill,

Wanted to share a few pictures of Biddle with you guys. This has been my third trip to Indiana for one of your Beautiful CM CockerPups to date I have driven close the 3,000 miles in the trips to Indiana every single mile and hour spent on the road has been worth the trip. Biddle is growing by leaps and bounds and has adjusted well to his sister Celtic & brother Macree. So many worries I had about Celtic & Macree being able to make the adjustments to Biddle. All three have adjusted very well to each other. Thank You for the reassurance you gave me & the instructions on what to do to make the introductions go smoothly. It all did and it played out just as you told me it would :-) I also wanted to Thank You for your commitment to excellence in your breeding program to providing Healthy, Happy puppies with good loving dispositions. Our oldest Celtic will turn 4 in Aug Macree will be 3 in Oct and Biddle is now 3 1/2 months already. I have never had any major health issues with them. There is just one other thing I wanted to add. I wanted to encourage people who my have the preconceived notion that I did that the female is the better of the sexes. The information you provide on your web site is very on target re: the difference between the two sexes had I stuck to the misconception I would have missed out of such a loving sweet boy. Our Celtic as she get a little older is becoming a bit more reserved she is just as loving and Happy as the day I brought her home. She has retained so much of the hunting aspect the breed. Macree my the first male I ever owned is Sweet , Loving and such a Gentle Soul we have pre tested out with West Michigan's Dog Therapy program and will enter into training this Oct with them. My interest is working mainly with Hospices pt's our Elderly and Veterans. Our Biddle is a open book at this point in time as to what his Talents will be. We are just enjoying puppy hood with him at this point in time. Thank You Once again for providing our Family with wonderful Joyful, Healthy, Loving puppies. As always I will keep you posted as our family of three CMCocker Pups grow.

Brenda Doyle

Hi Susan and Bill, I just wanted to send you a picture of the boys. They play none stop so it is very hard to get a good picture of them. When Milo looks at me Ollie looks away. I love Milo's look in this picture. He is so smart, potty training is going good. Today I told him to get in his bed so we could go downstairs and he jumped in it and laid down so I could carry him down the stairs. Our family feels complete again! We will send more pictures hopefully we will get one where they are both looking. Thank you for all you do!


Hi Susan, Sorry it's taken so long to get you pictures of Bentley, we've been super busy this summer moving to our new home but seemed to be getting settled finally! Please feel free to use any pictures you like of Bentley with the kids on your website! Bentley was the perfect addition to our family, he is very loved and spoiled!

Sunny Williams

Once again Abby (choc/white from Hunter and Crystal Feb 2012) is enjoying the pontoon. She loves riding on the boat. Hope all is well as your end.

Here are finnaly some pictures of Josie. She is doing fantastic.She is now rolling over and sitting on command. She goes down the stairs and rings the bells on the front door to go outside.She is now chasing the ball and bringing it back to me, also swimming in the pool and yes she can swim. She has learned alot in just the month we have had her. this past week she has messed up in her crate just once. We are now learning how to play dead. Thank you so much for the great companion.

Mark and Janine

Dear Susan and Bill,

Just got back from the vet and Wesley got a AAA rating. I think we are off to a good start as he slept all the way home, had his dinner and slept through the whole first night. Who could ask for more. Thanks again for all your information and help to get him off to a good start in life. He is buys investigating the family room now. Tasha was introduced on the front porch. It went fine.


Good morning Susan and Bill:

We are having a great time loving Murphy :) He's a sweet little boy. Murphy LOVES to be rubbed and kissed all over :) Mylo and Murphy are getting along great too. Mylo has taught Murphy to run along the landscape bricks....one of his favorite things to do. Murphy loves to follow Mylo around. At first if Mylo was tired of Murphy jumping on him, Mylo would run to the back of the yard and Murphy was afraid to follow. Now Murphy loves his whole yard, so there is nowhere he won't follow. Murphy is doing very well at potty training. My granddaughter Jaydin can't get enough of him and doesn't want to put him down. I have attached a picture of Murphy and Jaydin watching cartoons. He ended up taking a little nap on her. Thank you for a great little puppy.

Kim and Vic

Just wanted to show you pictures of Koda and Nicholas they both started puppy training together yesterday. It was so much fun to see them together! Koda is the bigger one on the right ( imagine that!)

Koda is doing much better. He actually does better in his crate than Nicholas. So my tough love paid off. We all just love him! He is so good at sitting and is learning off and no and leave it and take it. We are enjoying him so much. Thank you for him!!!

Stephanie McCelland

I wanted you to see the girls first Easter. Lacy is in the coral bow and piper is in the purple bow. And of course, our rescue, Annie is in the light pink bow.

The picture of Lacy only with the coral egg lying in front of her should be on a postcard. What a picture!!!!

They loved hunting Easter Eggs. They were only allowed to eat one egg each. Susan we love them so much. Thank you for giving us our little girls. If you ever have another Cocker that needs a forever home, please keep us in mind.

Much love to you and your family.

Paula Linder

Thought you would like to see how Maggie is! She is so very beautiful and what a great girl! She is so funny, and loves her sister Abby! We just are so blessed! She sleeps in our room and is terrified of loud noises, so thunder or loud trucks, you will find her shaking like a leaf! Otherwise she is full of energy and lots of love! She definately is a mama puppy! Thank you for her, we will be back for another some day!

Beth DiPersio, Antioch Il

Hi William and Susan,

I would love to help any way I can. Harpo and Nala are doing wonderfully. They're happy loved puppies. I never could have hoped for such wonderful dogs. The pups are best of friends. They play,sleep and wrestle all day together. We spoil them rotten and love them with all our hearts. My parents look forward to seeing their grand-puppies every chance they get. I'm including recent photos of the kids. We had been growing their coats out since their adoption but with spring here we decided to start all over and cut it all off. They look different to me so I think I'm going to grow them out again. I check your website often just to see photos of new arrivals. I hope your both doing well. Rob and I adore our babies and thank you for breeding such wonderful puppies.

With puppy love in my heart

Darshell Clawson

Dear Susan and Bill,

We made it home safely and Jake rode really well. There were some whines now and again but he just misses everyone. He is fine now. He went outside, in the rain, when we arrived home and did all of his business. He is eating now. Both of our daughters have called and asked for pictures. We are haing a difficult time getting him to stand still long enough for that. He is one busy boy!

We know that we made the right choice even though it was very difficult. Thank you both for your patience with us and for your willingness to stay with us throughout this process. We are absolutley thrilled with ourpuppy and can't thank you enough for all the love and care that you gave Jake before we arrived. He is beautiful, sweet, loving and very active. He seems perfectly at home and is eating from our dog bowls justfine. We didn't put any water on the food and didn't know if you had continued that. He seems fine without it but let us know if it is too soon for dry food.

We have allowed him some space to run and he has that typical side way run like our other cockers. He is so cute and sweet and he seems to love us both. Thank you again for your patience with us in making ourdecision. Thank you also for all the great information, the collar, food, blanket, crate toy, new toy, haircut and shampoo. But, most of all, thank you for the time and talent that the two of you put into raising healthy, happy well adjusted dogs and puppies. Jake is a jewel.

Blessing to you both,


Hi William and Susan,

I have Bentley from Casper and Rosebud's 11/10/11 litter. My mom has Bentley's sister Sadie. I can't begin to tell you how much these two are loved! Bentley was a dream from the start! He was house broke by 10 weeks of age and has never given us any trouble:) he is a our perfect little boy and we thank you for making such wonderful cockers!

Thank you, Sandi Caldwell

Jim & Debbie McCreary's "Beau"

He is the best puppy and we just love him !!!!!!!

Steven Cline's "Sophie" & "Sadie"

The girls are just wonderful, everyone loves them they have beautiful coats and personalities!!

It is nice to hear from you. I think of you often as I enjoy my little buddy. Toby is doing well. He is sweet, friendly, very loving, loves people after he gets to know them and generally a great companion dog. I take him with me almost everywhere I go. I spend a lot of time driving my high school daughter to her activities and he keeps me company in the car. He has been to the beach with us and often accompanies us hiking in the woods (which he loves). We have trained him in basic obedience and he does well. He comes, sits, stays, waits until I give him the okay to eat his food, shakes hands, and occasionally will "dance" when asked. It's pretty cute!

We have had to work a lot on socialization. He was petrified of strangers when we first got him, but I took him everywhere, introduced him to tons of people, different situations, etc. and now, while still a little timid, does much better. I am constantly encouraging him when we are out with people. He does get overwhelmed around kids, especially if they run toward him. I always have treats handy to give to the kids so they can give him a treat. For whatever reason, he does not like strangers to pet him, especially if they reach over his head. That's why I give the kids treats, mostly to keep their hands busy and away from reaching over his head to pet him. Hopefully, he will gain more confidence the older he gets.

Another issue we have had is being possessive of his toys. We continually work on this issue and he is also doing much better. While he isn't always thrilled to "drop it" when asked or let me take it away, he doesn't growl or snap at us any more. That was not acceptable.

We continue to feed him Life's Abundance and give him NuVet vitamins. He is a beautiful dog and I can't tell you how many people crane their necks while driving to look at him and smile. I have had strangers come up to me and tell me what a beautiful dog he is. He gets groomed about every five weeks and our groomer also boards him when he can't travel with us. It is like his second home. She works out of her home and so when we leave him, he just becomes part of their family and is not stuck in a cage on a concrete floor. It is wonderful.

Here is a photo of Isabel ( Baby Bell ) and her brother Jagger playing in the snow on New Years Day. You can see they are wearing their winter coats. Our groomer always says that she is the prettiest Cocker that she has ever groomed. The two get along so well as you can see by the photo they love the snow. They have been such a joy and we are so happy that we decided to start a new family after losing our last two, after 15 years. Hope you are well and that the snow melts soon, although the dogs want it to stay.

John and Pam Mann

We bought Maggie Mae in June 2011, and here she is with her and her sister, Abby, lounging! A miracle as Abby didn't like her so much in the beginning, but they are the best of friends now and just to say, Maggie has been the biggest blessing to us! She is so well tempered and loving! She is terrified of loud noises and thunderstorms, but otherwise, perfect! I sure will be back for another in the future as you have beautiful and healthy dogs! Thanks so much!

Beth DiPersio

When we picked up "Little Louie" in January of 2011 we never could have dreamed what an incredible little guy he would be !!!! He is a wonderful companion...loving and devoted to being right by us at all times. He is soooo smart and has trained so easily...he loves to watch t.v. and continually picks out his favorite commercials. He is playful, funny, healthy, sweet and loving beyond our expectations. He loves being with other dogs and is exceptional with our older and younger grandchildren...fantastic temperment....he has even won over our old cat !! They are pretty good pals now. All in all we can't find anything about our precious little Louie that we would change.....we actually talk daily about returning for a friend for Louie in the spring. He is just simply a wonderful little fellow and we can't say enough about the quality of your little cocker spaniels....and he is beautiful !!!! Thank you for providing us with our wonderful little guy ...

Jan and Jim Cleary

Caroline named the puppy Lola and she's doing so well, learning commands and is almost completely house trained. She's a love, a bit feisty but in a good way and we absolutely love her! I had to put a bell on her collar because at first she was so tiny and moves so fast that it was the only way I could keep track of her!

Andrea Wendrow

Sophie is doing wonderful! She has started training school at Petsmart and it doing great! We get several compliments on her every time we are there! We love her to pieces and she has brought a lot of joy to our family! Thank you so much

Sincerely, The West Family

Linda Peyton's girls living hard at their Florida retreat!!

Murfy is doing wonderful. For Christmas, I got a dog trimming set and have been doing my own cocker cuts on him, I am getting better. We adore him and he adores us. Life is good;).

- Mary LaRocque

We are so pleased with our little guy that we cannot put it in words. He is everything that a well-bred cocker spaniel should be......intelligent, perfect temperament, loyal and, of course, totally spoiled! We have never strayed from the Life's Abundance food that Bill recommended and I am convinced that is why his coat is so beautiful.

- Steve & Cindy Osborn

Finally had time to get my pictures on the computer today so I could send them to you. Lulu has gotten so big in the last couple weeks. She has a great personality and so loveable. We are so in love with her.

I attached one picture of her in her bed the day after we brought her home, she looks so little there. We will keep you updated with lots of pictures. Most of the pictures I attached are from the last couple of days. You definitely picked the most loving beautiful dog for us, we are very thankful for her. Please feel free to call and email us anytime, we love to brag about her. Let us know what you think of her and how much different she looks from when you saw her.

Thanks so much for everything,

Frank and Shannon

Cooper' formerly "Bentley" is an adopted puppy that was unable to stay with his first adopting family because of a 'to busy life style' to give "Bentley" needed attention. Graciously knowing the plight of "Bentley" this lady allowed him to be adopted to Camille, who has given aka "Bentley" now "Cooper" a loving/attentive home!! THANKS TO ALL FOR COOPER

- Camille Black

Chopper turned 1 on Thursday, so Pat baked a dog cake for him. He is such a joy. Pat is working with him on riding on the motorcycle. We got a pet carrier specifically for motorcycles, plus some doggles (dog goggles). He enjoys it, at least the limited amount that he's ridden so far. He went back to the eye doctor a few weeks ago as a follow-up. Whatever was wrong has cleared itself up, and he doesn't need to go back. I've attached 2 photos, one of him on the bike and one of his birthday. Hope all is well with you and yours, and that all the dogs are hale and hearty.

Terry & Pat Behling - and Chopper