Hi Susan,

Blue is Asher and Jubilee's pup. She is 15 months now weighing in at 19 lbs. She is a petite stunning beauty like her mother Jubilee and crazy like her father Asher. She sits like a person , fast as a rabbit and is extremely athletic. I am always asked what kind of dog is that? That is most beautiful dog that I have ever seen . Her official name is Blue Jubilee but I call her Bluesy or Blueberry. Thank you for breeding such a perfect pup.

Sarah Beasley from Wisconsin

Hi Susan,

My husband and I were back in indiana at my folks' house this past weekend so I snapped a picture of gracie and rosie for you to see. Can you tell they are super friendly? Here they are loving all over my husband. Its really hard to tell which one is which right now because they are in need of trimming. The groomer cut her shop hours so now instead of them getting cut every 4-6 weeks she can only schedule them every 6-8 weeks. They are their spa treatments later this week. Thanks again for helping me get my folks new babies.

Just fyi..my folks (rick and sue stump) say hello

Jody Moehling

Merlin has really grown. He has tripled his weight since I got him (he's nearly 8 pounds now) and has just graduated from Puppy Beginner Obedience School. He starts Intermediate School tomorrow. I've attached a picture of him waiting for his diploma.


Hi Susan and Bill;

These pics are a litle late - I thought I had emailed them and found out they were still in my photo shop file. Anyway, here she is at 1 year old on july 6, 2016. She's doing great; happy,healthy and very smart. Somedays i look at her and think i should be sending her off to first grade. She's worked every 3 and 4th level interactive game i can find for her. The mailman, the fed ex driver and the ups driver made a special trip to bring her a toy and treat on her birthday!. She's not spolied- only 100 thousand percent spoiled by everyone. She loves everyone and loves to give everyone kisses whether they want them or not. She's very affectionate. Naturally, we love her to death. She enjoyed summer and thinks the garden hose is the greatest thing ever invented! She loves water and the groomer said she just sits still while she is geting bathed and doesn't even make a sound while she's at the groomers. We're having her groomed about every 6 weeks and that seems to be working out just fine. She loves water so much that she has her own drinking fountain inside that gives out a stream of water just like the garden hose. We still haven't met bently in person-only in pics and he favors his aunt chelsey! Ed's sister is bently's grandmother and she's threatening to send him t0 boarding school! They have had a little difficulty in his training but they have a busy houshold with a lot of people coming and going and sometimes that compllicates a training schedule. Chelsey is a big talker-she just carries on a conversation with us-she may understand it but we don't but we talk to her in her language anyway and she seems to enjoy the conversations. She's 17 months old today and it just seems like we just picked her up a few weeks ago. She grew up much too fast.

Have a great holiday and a wonderful new year.
Joyce & Ed Fischer and Chelsey Lynn

Hi Susan!

I wanted to send you a quick update ..... KoKo had her rabies shot on Friday and she's now 10 pounds. She is really growing and still really crazy. :)

Below are some recent photos ....

Have a great holiday!!


Hello! I just thought you might enjoy a picture of Hattie in her Halloween sweater. She is SO scary :) She is the baby of Minka and Boo. Almost a year old now and doing great!

Woody is a beautiful dog. He is still ornery, but sweet and loving. He holds his chewy in his mouth like a cigar.

Just thought you guys would like to see a new picture of my boy. He goes to the office with me and the customers love him, as does everyone who meets him! Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful puppy!

Beth Sollars

This is our Zoey, we got her from you in May of 2014! She is a member of the area WOOF group, which visits nursing homes, Alzheimer's units, second grades reading classes and other places.She is a sweetheart and an absolute blessing and we just love her to the moon and back!

Jan & Gail
Delavan, Illinois

Susan, I can't tell you how much we are enjoying our dog that we purchased in June 2014. He has been a great joy and we love him to bits.

Alice Webster - Anchorage AK

I just wanted to send you a picture of our birthday 1st Birthday party for Little Miss Hattie Mae ... We love her so much. As you can tell she's not spoiled.

Gene Risner

Hi Bill and Susan. We wanted you to see how handsome our boy is. He is growing so fast. He is already housebroken and has the run of the house most of the time. He still likes to chase the cats but they are getting more used to him and I think they know he is harmless, just annoying. Puppy school is good but he definitely has a stubborn streak. He wants to play when he is supposed to work! He has a sweet disposition and is good with people and dogs alike.

We will keep you posted on his progress. We are hoping one day to start an agility class. I think he would love it!


Hi Susan and Bill,

Thought you might enjoy a picture of Maggie. It's been a while and hasn't she grown?!! We are enjoying her so much. She is smart and loving and of course quite beautiful as you can see. We absolutely adore her! Maggie is so sweet to everyone, even the mailman!! She loves car rides and walks. It's been too hot for long walks for now but we'll enjoy them this fall. One thing that she does that is so funny is to watch airplanes in the sky!!! Have you ever seen a dog do that? We just laugh at the cute and funny things she does. I will forever be so grateful for the day we found CM Cockers and found our little Maggie. You guys take care and stay cool!

Mary Beth Case

His first professional grooming! - Kathleen Fry

I know it has been 6 months since we last saw you. We know by reading your website that you have been busy with so many new puppies! WOW! I dont know how you do it. Jasper is doing so well, growing so fast almost before our eyes. He weights 19 lbs. @ 8 1/2 months old. He is such a busy young man. We had him neutered at 6 months and also a belly button hernia repaired. He did just fine. We are crate training and that made house breaking Jasper so easy! Mike and I read the hand out Bill gave us about what to expect each month and that has been a life saver. Thank you so much for everything. We love, love, love our little man.

Mike & Rita Honeycutt Cottontown TN

This is Axel after a morning of play and experiencing rain! It seems it was pretty tough on the little guy!

Axel is doing very well. He is still terrorizing the cats and Bailey! I am looking forward to bringing him places once he is good to go out into the world. He is very smart. He can sit and do a down...with treats. He knows his name but only comes when there is something in it for him. He still has 2 speeds....On and Off!! This is Axel on Off! He loves his toys and plays with every one of them every day. He is not really a lap dog but of course wants to be with us at all times. Bailey is glad to be able to keep the lap...for now. His housebreaking is great...only a few accidents. He knows to always go potty outside but has not quite got the no potty inside yet but he is still very young. I think he is doing great.

I can't wait to see the other puppy pictures. How is Feisty doing? I am sure she is a Mom by now!

Miss Mae says hi!! Isn't she beautiful? She is a sweet heart! - Gene Risner

From Dan Shyrock

Hi susan ...... This is Jeff DePalmo. We purchased a pup in February from you from ace and cindy's litter. Guido is almost 6 months old now. I thought I would send you a couple pictures and a video of Guido and JayDee. He gets along great with her.

Hey Susan, This is Willa Wallace from Huntington, WV. I just wanted you to see our Beautiful Bella. She is healthy, happy and very spoiled. She has been a great dog. I'm so glad I got her from you. I hope you all are doing well. Take care.

Hi Susan. I wanted to send you a photo of Little Miss Hattie taken this morning after I picked her up from the groomer, it's not the best photo but I think you get the picture. She's growing up so fast and she's such fun. I can't thank you enough for such a sweet gift. She's definitely going to be the most adventurous of my crew just curious about our swimming pool and I can hardly get her to come inside.she has about 20 different toys and wants to carry them all around in her mouth at the same time, LOL she's so silly. We love her very much. Thank you again.

Gene Risner

Hello Mrs Heath,

I came across your email in my inbox as I was cleaning it out. You may not remember me but I am the proud owner of one of Dolly's little guys from her December 11th 2010 batch. I have named him Malibu and he is quite the prince. We live in Pensacola Florida now. At the time that I came to get him I drove to your house from Pittsburgh PA. We are now getting ready to move to California. He has been such a treat. He was so easy to train! People who meet him are astounded by his comprehension of so many commands. He is active and VERY energetic. Aside from a cherry eye on his left side and some dental plaque which we have been treating, he has been healthy (Thank God). He loves to play and enjoys time outdoors. I am still struggling to get him to enjoy the beach as much as I do though. I've gotten him to swim to meet me then cling to me for dear life. He sleeps with me every night and is my little alarm clock. He wakes me up by sticking his nose right in my face as if to say "the day's a wastin" let's go!"

I hope that you and your husband are doing well and that your business is thriving. I can't thank you enough for my little guy. He has been a gift to me in so many ways.

Hugs and loads of puppy slobbers from Gail and Malibu

Casper just turned 4 years old on March 14! He is the best boy and gets smarter every day! I'm sending you another picture with the story to go along with it! Hope you and Bill are doing fine and looks like you guys keep pretty busy with new puppies!

Big Hugs, Linda and Dennis plus Casper!

Casper hovers over our 10 month old granddaughter Indy and recently he kept licking her right ear and I knew something was wrong so that evening they took her into the pediatrician and she had a double ear infection but the right ear was the worst ...so thanks to Casper he probably saved her from going deaf in that ear. He is our hero and he had extra treats that night!

Here's a pic of the girls if u want for your website! That little girl born to Cindy and Ace in the purple is pretty special, but I have my pack all set.. And they are pretty special. As different as night and day just like their colors. Can't help but look at the new babies and want though. I always looked forward to getting the babies and taking off work to be with them. It was a special time with both MinkaBoo and Mattie I will never forget.

Thanks again! Say hi to Bill for us.

Hi Susan I just wanted to send you a photo of Little Miss Hattie Mae! She is beautiful and we love her. She's getting so big and has such a huge personality. Thank you again for such a wonderful gift.

Hi Bill and Susan!

Just wanted to tell you that our little Fur Babies are doing so well at 6 Yrs and 5 yrs old! We celebrate their Birthdays every year with my home-made Pupcakes! They are spoiled and thriving! We have kept them on Life's Abundance food since we picked them up from you and they eat it like its steak! Just wanted to say Thank you for breeding such wonderful pups. We hope they live a long and healthy life.

Daisy and Diego are Bella's Parents. Crystal and Casper are Harley's Parents.

Bob, Amy, Bella and Harley
Toledo, Ohio