I wanted to share with you how big Rembrandt (Remy) is getting. He just had his picture taken with Santa. Thank you again!

Our babies are doing very well. We are so happy with them.

Paula & Ken Linder

Hi Susan,

I have been meaning to send you pictures of Rocky since we got him from you! He is now 4 1/2 months old and still growing every day!! Rocky was such a breeze as far as potty training goes. he had the hang of it within the first couple of weeks. He now sits by the door and/or brings me his leash when he is ready to go out. He absolutely loves his daily walks - there are so many different things to smell he gets overwhelmed some of the time haha Rocky is currently about 12 lbs. - I still can't believe how fast he has grown! My entire family absolutely adores him. He is definitely quite the pampered pup! :) I attached one of our engagement pictures with Rocky in his orange & white "University of Tennessee themed" bow tie. I just wanted to thank you again for introducing us to Rocky. Joe and I can not imagine our lives without him!! Thank you! I hope all is well :)

Megan and Jo

Hi! I am just emailing to tell you how awesome and amazing our little Peanut (Named after the peanut we met while getting him) is! He is one of casper and ruby's puppies from january. He's just a little darling! He is super friendly and loves everyone he meets! He's super cute and everyone comments on how pretty he is! He is really fun to play with but also will cuddle with you. He is a joy and loves the cats!(Though they don't necessarily love him.) Thank you for this amazing dog! Sorry for not writing sooner but we've had a lot on our hands!

This is our cutie, mischievous Murphy. The face of mischief. We love him so much, thank you for saving him for us.

Linda & Dennis's Casper Sudds
Trena Vanatta's Junior & Tucker
Benji's picture artist painted from.
Amber Obenland

Hope all is well. Thought you might want to see a picture of Cupcake and how he's growing :)


Hi Bill, You won't believe how much he has grown! He is so curious and gets into everything. He loves to chew on EVERYTHING. He is so smart too! He learned how to go to the door when he has to go potty extremely quickly, and he is learning how to sit, rollover, & shake very fast too! He is an amazing pet! When he isn't chewing on everything he is a very sweet boy. We all love him!


Sophie and Sasha one with their big sister Maya who they dearly love.

-Dawn Mcbride

Thought I should send you a note and let you know how well the chocolate and white puppy is doing. We named her Abigal Rose--lovingly call her Abby. She has done extremely well right from the very minute we picked her up! I was worried that she would miss her brothers and sisters coming from such a large litter but has adapted so well. She loves the outdoors. We are working on potty training and the "proper" things to chew on. Here are a couple of photos:

Take care---we will keep in touch. Give Totty a scratch and hug from us!


Taken last night about 8....took the other one about 15 min later after he fell asleep. Cute pic! He is sleeping thru the night till about 6 a.m. Dennis mailed the puppy toys on Friday. Let me know when they arrive. Casper is the boss now! Training well.


Hi Susan and Bill,

I just wanted to update you on Waggs/Ginger. She is doing very, very well. Potty training is coming along well, we'd been having a marking or accident at least once a day. Today, nothing which we are very happy about. She was spayed a week ago Wednesday (Dec 21) and I will be sending you the paper from the vet. I observed her getting it done and it was actually not to bad. Her stitches will desolve soon, but you could barely see them. Her incision was only 2 inches long at the most. I saw her egg sack and it was very interesting. We were told to keep her from jumping, running and for her to be quiet for the next 10 days.......LOL.....who were they kidding. I told them they'd better make sure I had plenty of sedatives. Now, she has all her shots and will probably get a dental this summer. But, she never stops. She is either exhausted from running all over, dead asleep, or following me around. She has bonded with me and knows where I am all the time. I went shopping with a girlfriend all day a couple days ago and he said all they did was whine and look for me. But, she will also sit or lay by Bob too. I have not heard her bark at all, and she is very smart. Brit and her get along very well. Ginger just jumps on her head or something every once in a while and Brit just looks annoyed and moves. They do keep together a lot.

I got Ginger a couple new coats but we haven't gotten much snow yet. I put coats on them when there is snow out because they get snowballs all over their bellies and drop water all over the hardwood floors. Brit loves to roll and play in the snow. I am hoping she likes it too. They keep each other company very well. We are so happy to have her with us. Our house isn't quite as quiet as it was but still pretty nice. If I lay on the couch, I end up with 2 dogs and a cat laying on me! We look forward to when we get our boat and golf cart out, I am pretty sure she will love doing that stuff too.

Well, I just wanted to give you an update on her. She is doing wonderful. Lots of treats, chewie things, cuddling, and love.

Hope things are going well for you,

Bob, Eva, Brit, Ginger, Abby, and Katie (the invisible cat)

Paul Avila's Amalia

Susan & Bill, was going through some pictures tonight and ran accross some of Celtic & Macree from last year it is so hard to believe he is a baby no more. Both Celtic & Macree have turned into just stunning Amarican Cocker Spaniels they are both the picture oh health I am so proud of them and so thankful you allowed me to care for them. They go to grooming school with me about every other week I am bring them into full coats they both should be breathtaking once they grow into their full coats.

Merry Christmas ~ Brenda

Susan & Bill, took this picture today after getting home from the Vet's office Macree is in prefect health :-)

Hi Susan & Bill! Attached is a picture of my children with Bentley. They LOVE him! We had so much fun with him last night and he even "did his business" when we took him outside ... No accidents! He adorable and smart too! Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas!


Hi Susan and Bill,

Just an update for you on Marley -- she's doing great! Last night she slept through the night for the first time in her crate, I woke up and couldn't believe it! I was going to housetrain her on the puppy pads, but she's not interested in them at all. She just wants to go outside and go, only a couple "accidents" so far, she loves outdoors! I brought her to work with me on Monday and Tuesday and she did pretty well. Have enclosed a picture of her below so you can see her at work........... ;)

When you fed the puppies, how long did you give them to eat before you took it up? She's pretty slow but has a great appetite, I just don't know when to take it up because she keeps running back for more - then plays - then goes back for more.

Bruce is trying to get her into the vet today for a checkup since he's off work today. I told him NO SHOTS.

Take care, hope to hear from you soon.

--Lynn & Bruce Ballard

Dear Susan,

This is Gaby and Leo. We purchased a silver buff male from you in early September. Everything has been going well. We just wanted to send you a Christmas picture of Tanner. Hope you had a great holiday. Ours was more special this year with our new addition!

Gaby and Leo

Hi, Susan & Bill,

Thought you'd like to see how the "kids" - Blondee and Dagwood - are progressing. They are great pups - very friendly, affectionate, energetic. They have melted the hearts of everyone they've met. We're really enjoying having them in the family.

Nancee & Mark

Bill and Susan,

Just a few new photos of Shelby and Teagan I wanted to share with you. The last photo is our other grandaughter Liliana with the girls. We are all so happy to have little Shelby as part of our family. We love her so much and she's doing great!! Teagan has her all potty trained. And we had our first big snow. The girls love playing in it!

Thanks again for everything,

The Meyers

Just sending a couple Photos of Inky for you to see how he is today. These two were sent into the AKC Photo Contest today. Hope he gets a win out of one of them. He sure is a frisky little guy and has many funny things that he does to keep us laughing every day. Maybe you might put one or both on your web page of him for others to see him too. He was out of a litter of yours born on July 1st 2010. He is registered at AKC as "Karsonovichs Inky Spot" SR63468305. He sure loves to run through the snow drifts and roll in the snow too. He is just a real little fireball of fun.

Jerry Karsonovich

Hi, Susan. We are attatching 3 pictures of Java Bean Hayes on his 2nd birthday. Anna loves her little man. He is a great member of our family. We all love him so much. Thanks for our newest member of the Hayes!

Aaron, Jenn, Alec, Austin, Anna and Java Bean Hayes

Mrs. Susan,

My name is Kasey Fowler, my parents got Piper for me last April and she is truly the sweetest puppy! I love her so much. I wanted to thank you and send you some pictures. She is the perfect dog and we love her! I will send more recent pictures when I can! Thank you so much!


The Fowler Family

Hi Bill and Susan. I just wanted to send another picture of Marlie, daughter of Rowdy and Cha Cha. We love her. She is such a good dog and extremely funny. You can see her mind work when she is listening to what you have to say and then she does what Marlie wants to do and of course we always let her have her way. She runs the show and she knows it. She is also very prankish.

Everyone thinks she is the most beautiful cocker they have ever seen. I love to watch how she prances when she is on the leash. The vet likes her ears so ear infections are almost non-existent. The groomer has 1 person (her daughter) who always wants to groom Marlie. She does have an issue with tear staining but we are working at that. She has been traveling with us in the motor home and we hope to leave in the next week or so to go to Gulf Shores, Al. for a few weeks. She is a great traveler...not a peep out of her until we stop and then she barks because she wants to keep riding. I think she likes to listen to the radio. She is a very social dog.

Anyway, I can go on and on but I wanted to thank you again for breeding such a fine cocker! Mary Jane and Norb Schneider

Attached is a picture of Amalia. She's 10 months old now and weighs 13.7 pounds. She's a very happy puppy!!

Three weeks ago, Amalia got spayed and now she is fresh from the groomers. Thought you might like to see how beautiful she looks!!

Paul Avila