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Collage of Retired Mommas & Papas

This page is dedicated to the wonderful loving parents of CMCocker puppies.  Our mommas are not bred out at CMCockers.  Between the age of three and five years we find them loving adoptive homes.  This policy is in the best interest and welfare of our girls & boys.  The following are some of the adoptive families.

They are living their best life yet. Put on a little weight since their August spay but I have adjusted their food accordingly. 100% housebroken. Love going for walks & their daily dental chews. Hate when I have to leave for work. Currently on vacation with them in Florida & getting in the pool everyday. Even with life jackets on they still don't swim for pleasure but seem to like floating on a raft with me (will fall asleep). Rain chased and caught the first gecko she saw but didn't harm it. Susie loves to watch TV - "Too Cute!" on Animal Planet and "The Incredible Dr Pol" are her favorites. Ironically, Rain dislikes going out when it rains. May need to purchase some rain coats!

Jubilee enjoying retirement with Shelby Kibodeaux

Susan, I wanted to send you a pic of Julie Geyer's girls to add to you retirement page :-)
Brenda Lea Doyle

Hi Susan...Santa brought Sasha a new bed :). She still prefers to be up on the bed with me so I put it on the bed. Hope you and Bill had a merry Christmas!
Dee :)

Crystal loving retired life with Brenda


I wanted to update you about Lady. She is so sweet, we love her so much. She likes to sit on that seat and look out the window.

Once she realized that i was taking her pic, she decided to pose. Lady loves to run as fast as she can in the yard. She carries sticks around and loved playing with the grand kids on Easter. Definately independent but always obeys and stays close to us no matter what we are doing. She never has any accidents in the house. After a few nights on a rug she decided to start sleeping in her bed. Phillip tried to boss her around a few times and she let him know that although she didn't want to argue with him, she would defend herself. He leaves her alone and they sleep close to each other now. The like to chase sticks and balls together outside. It's obvious that she was raised in a loving environment and is very well adjusted. We are so lucky to have her in our lives.


Hi Bill and Susan, A quick update on Lady.She is doing very well. No messes in the house at all. She is getting along well with Phillip. They stayed home alone yesterday while we were at work. She has learned a few things very quickly and is definatly going to be a lap dog. She doesn't like the bed I got her and prefers to sleep on a rug instead. I see what you meant about being spoiled. Her begging dance is so cute.


It's been 2 weeks today that we picked up Magic. We love her so much! She is a wonderful dog,so gentle,calm & loving,a quick learner too! She is now house trained!! Our Grand daughter's just love her, and she is always happy to be with them,loving all their attention to her! We have named her Molly, and she responds to her new name happily. Our family is so blessed to have her! Thank you Susan & Bill for raising such a wonderful dog, she is a gem!!

Mark & Dianne Buchholtz

Hello from Illinois, Thought these pictures would say it all. Our baby girl has made great strides in the transition to her new home. Stella has been a great big sister, even though Pipers not much for playing, just cuddling. She gets plenty of that...and loves to romp in the yard with Stella. She pays no attention to our duck. We love our new girl, thanks agin for choosing us...everyone who meets her wants to take her home. The Ericksons


* Feisty * - Fiesty does not have to be so fiesty in her loving forever Wilkinson home.


* Peanut * - Life's just pretty awesome for Peanut at the Treadway home!


* Lilly * - Pretty Lilly lives in leisure and love at the Baldwin home!!


* Daisy * - Living in the lap of luxury at the PEYTON home.



* Jayma * - Life is so gooood at the LIKE home!


* Willow * - Resting and loving at the CHIECHI home.



* Cupcake * - Life is so mellow and sweet at the CORBITT home.



* Charm * - in her loving forever FRITZ home in Blair, Wisconsin.



* Ladybug * - at the loving forever SCHORE home in St. Anne,Illinois.



* Waggs * - at the loving forever STOLT home

*Rowdy* - Experiencing a new 'rowdy' freedom at the Webbe home.

*Prissy* - at her loving forever THORTON home in Whitehouse, Ohio.


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