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Cocker Spaniel Puppies we have available for sale

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Cindy & Comanche's Baby
Available 11/9!

Silver Male


Coming Soon

Amadala and Kash - Due 10/29 - Expecting Silvers & Silver/Buffs

Tuesday and Casper - Due 11/7 - Expecting Silvers, Silver/Buffs, & Reds

Margo and Kash - Due 11/19 - Expecting Silvers & Silver/Buffs

We would rather NOT ship our cocker puppies anywhere. We do this because we can not guarantee the puppy that leaves us will have the same disposition it did when it left. We feel it is in the best interest of our puppies NOT to ship. This early time in a puppy's life is a very formative time in behavior shaping especially by the time a puppy reaches 12 weeks of age.

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