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2004 Litters

   Reese and Nestle  Hondo  Jackson

 Murphy  Louie  Palmer

 Shadow  Payton  Bosley

 Auggy Max and Sam Max 

 Toby  Maverick  Sadie

 Toby  Snickerz  Abby

 Java and Guinness  Max  Bentley

 Abby  Katie Aubrey 

 Snickers  Chulo  Sophie

 Demi Baron   Copper

 Clancy  Mackenzie  Leo

 Shadow  Cooper  Cody

 Wrigley  Kirby  Chloe

Peanut Mr. Muddles & Mr. Grizzly Paws Domino

Striker Weber Frizzbee

Annie Cameron Murphy

Anna Mercer Blair, Rachel, Stevie, Heidi, Joey,
Pheobe and Clancy

Sam Rigley

Amber Tinker Sable & Buffy

Shadow Annie & Scout Mocha & Java

Jack Sydney & Nenah

Sophie Winston Caleau

Millie Wendy

Sable KP Bailey & Snickers

Riley Izzy Peyton & Halle

Baxter Maxine Sweet Pea

Snickers Bailey Sam

Gabby Harley Misty

Moonpie Blue Honeybelle


We're jumping for joy, we love our new homes!

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