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2003 Litters

Paris Joe Bayley
Mya and Cupid Marley Molly
Riley Annabelle Cody
Rookie Buffy & Sissy Jasmine
Belle Patches Meckenzie
Toby Gidgett Peanut
Taz and Bear Sam DJ
Tasha Ravi Maui
Nicole Buddy Jordan
Lizzie Roxie Storm
Chopper Augie Paris
Rocky Hershey Rolen
Spencer Shaggy Zam
Maverick Tanner Abby
Douglas Maddie Maxwell
Lucy Maggie Lucky
Cooper Salem and Lexi Maggie
Biscuit Juneau Haley
Lily Misty and Madi Ripley
Mr. Muddles Lilly Maddi
Rosie Koko Dee & Oscar Dee Zoey
Piper Augie Chelsie and Maggie Mae
Rocco Hershey Chloe and Bo
MJ Ralph and Henrietta Gracie
Molly Casey Bently
Isaac Pepper Cody and Burris

We're jumping for joy, we love our new homes!

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