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Louie - almost 4 years old!

I adopted Josey from you both in June of 2014 He was born April 15 of that year. His father is Casper and his mother was Sugar or Spice. He is so cuddly and loving and also rowdy and ornery. Love him so much!!!

Hello Susan, Just wanted to send you a new picture of Buddy. He is a ball of energy. Non stop all day. He continues to be a joy and he loves his sisters.

Hi Susan, Just wanted to give you an update on our baby. He's doing great! 100% housebroken and both my other dogs love him. I think he gave Brooklyn new life! He's up and running around again! He still falls down a lot and we don't think he sees very well but considering what he was like before, I'll take it! Here's a few new pictures of Django. He is such an angel!!


Susan, just want to thank you again for this sweet little girl!!! She is doing amazing and as you can see she has best friend!!!

Inky is going to have his birthday on July 1st and he will turn 7 years old.Thought you might like to see some new photos of him!

Jerry Karsonovich

Hello Susan One week already...he's amazing!! Knows his name already and is soooo good going outside. I think he's made three messes in the house!!! As you can see -he loves his new home just as much as we love him. I'll keep you posted on this darling and you were right... he is quite a character.


Hi Susan. I thought I'd send you this adorable picture of our little girl. She truly is something. Ha ha. Please know that she is doing well and is extremely loved. She definitely rules the roost though. Normally we have them cut like true Cocker's, but she is definitely a tomboy and likes to roll in the grass and sometimes the flowerbeds. I had to have our groomer clip her very short. She's so darn cute. I'm so happy that I found you!

I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Piper. I got Piper during the spring of 2011. Piper lived with me through college and law school and we have now relocated back to Greenville, SC. I would love to get another puppy from you one day, possibly in the fall!!

Quick note to say it's Wesley's Birthday today and what a perfect little fellow he has been since the day he came home with me. I am so grateful to you both for such beautiful Cockers. He brings me such joy and peace every day. He is going in Monday for his trip to the groomers. He goes to the groomer every 5 weeks and I take him to the vet for ear checks every other month. He has had NO HEALTH PROBLEMS of any kind.

Rob Mitchell

She loves helping around the house especially the mail! She is beautiful and knows she has stolen our hearts! - Charles Guyette

Tucker and Mason are doing great and they are the best of buddies! Thanks so much for allowing them to be a part of our family!

From Karen Beisinger

Hello hi from and Jingles....he's doing fine...he's up to 12 pounds now! Full of energy PLUS!!! Poopy/pee duties are good ....does em on the back screened porch....very accidents in the house....loves his toys loves playing in the house loves his big red terrier cover when sleeping on the couch ....loves being around me too!!! Oh yeah...has a big bon appetite Life Abundance with the nu vet...give him some chopped chicken loves that also!!! Took him for his second round of shots distemper etc...did well...likes the vet...played around a lot in the vets too...got him on the leash ...likes it!!! So far he doesn't get car sick....likes riding!!! Hope your cocker sales have been doing okay....all the best to both of you...yes we got a great cocker from you!!!

Hi Susan!

Our puppy, Odin, is doing great! He's getting along very well with my other pup as you can see!

Take Care
Lauren Shea and Derek Kunzman

She look great doesn't she?

Hoping your day is as great as you deserve
Charles Guyettep

Hi Susan. Jeff DePalmo again. Thought you might get a kick out of this. Guido likes his TV, especially when animals are on it. Here's a few pictures from super bowl Sunday. The pregame puppy bowl. He loved it.

Happy New Year. Please see the picture of Chance The Cocker attached. Chance has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is smart and loving. He is already sitting and giving his paw to shake hands. He is pretty much house trained and potty's on the pad almost every time. Not bad for 16 weeks old. Everyone who sees him falls in love with his beauty and personality. He is a good balance between puppy energy and calm cuddle pup. My son said his life changed forever the day I brought Chance home! I keep saying if I had known I would could get such a well behaved (with normal puppy mischief), good tempered, smart loving dog I would have done so a very long time ago. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pup with me. We will keep in touch!

just wanted to update you on our Bailey that we got in 2002. He is the light of our lives and just the best thing that has happened to us. He has a few back problems in his old age but otherwise a healthy happy dog.

Shannon Farmer

Hi Susan,
This is Jeff DePalmo. We had gotten a male pup from you end of last February. Guido is his name. He was born to Ace and Cindy.
Today is his 1yr. old birthday. I wanted to share a few pictures of our big boy with you on his birthday. Just had him weighed in December. He weighs 21.3# and is solid as a rock. Him and JayDee go to daycare once or twice a week, and are the hits there. They call them the Prince and Princess.
He has been a great addition to our family. Personality, playfulness, friendly, out going, obedient, and most of all, LOVES to cuddle! He is a cuddler. Never seen a dog who likes to snuggle with you like him.
Hope you and your family had a good holiday, and have a good and prosperous new year!
Jeff & Gina DePalmo

Good Morning . I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I had Christmas cards made but they got delayed and I never got them out .... but here is one of he pics we used . Look how precious Little Miss Hattie Mae is !!! We love her so much . She brings a lot of joy to our house ( even though she is bad sometimes ) I don't think she realizes how spoiled she is , lol ! Anyway please know that she is loved very much and I wanted to say thanks again for her ...
Gene Risner

Hi Susan

I thought you would enjoy seeing Reagan lounging by the pool at my house in Florida with his brother and sisters. Hope you had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year. I see you have more puppies and itching for another one but I think 4 is my limit. I will keep you in mind when I'm looking again Reagan is a sweetheart he and Bailey my other male Cocker are fast friends

Kathy Fry

We're jumping for joy, we love our new homes!


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